Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Keith Olbermann's Summer of Love Continues--Keith's New Lady Friend

Photo Taken August 30, 2010

Look at this babe. Yeah, Keith Olbermann's Ego loves the babes. And the babes love Keith Olbermann's moneyhim. And who wouldn't love the hunk of burning love that is Keith Olbermann's Ego?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Keith Olbermann's Ego's Stunning Mystery Companion

The Ego loves the Post. No seriously. It's 100% true that Keith Olbermann's Ego love the NY Post when they talk about the Ego's latest hot babe like they did here.
Keith "Uberdork" Olbermann was showing off a new brunette girlfriend at Monday night's Yankees game. The bombastic MSNBC commentator was spotted by our spy "with his arm round the woman, who looked a lot younger than him, in her early 30s. He was taking pictures of them together on his cellphone and chatting to her throughout the game," causing some fans to speculate, "She must have been secretly wearing earplugs." Olbermann split with his much younger WNBC reporter girlfriend, Katy Tur,more than a year ago.
Okay so they could have dropped the "Uberdork" but come on would the Ego be banging these beautiful babes if he was truly a Uberdork? Anywho, the Ego loves the love and since this is the summer of love for the Ego, The Ego has dedided to dedicate this tune to his latest babe.