Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to School

As you may have noticed, The Ego has been too busy to blog much over the last week or so. That's because school is back in session and the brains behind Keith Olbermann's Ego is gainfully employed by a school district. So The Ego won't be updating quite as much as usual but check back often as updates will be made periodically as Keith Olbermann's Ego continues to make news.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Keith Olbermann's Sexy Ego

Yeah baby, feast your eyes on this Sex Symbol. You know you want it. As it should be.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Keith Olbermann's Ego is Not Amused.

The Ego has just added the LA Times to the offical enemies list.
Here is an actual correction from Page A4 of today's print edition: FOR THE RECORD: TV listings: The Prime-Time TV grid in Thursday's Calendar section mistakenly listed MTV's "Jackass" show on the MSNBC cable schedule at 7 and 10 p.m. where instead MSNBC's "Countdown With Keith Olbermann" should have been listed.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Keith Olbermann's Ego Asks What is a Cityfile?

This obscure website seems determined to write the truth lies about Keith Olbermann's Ego.
But insiders at MSNBC and NBC News aren't too happy with Olbermann either, we hear. His attempt to cover up the backroom deal and then lie about its existence—in the face of evidence to the contrary—was viewed as a typically ego-centric move on Olbermann's part, one that served his own personal interests at the expense of MSNBC's credibility.
Keith Olbermann is Ego-Centric? Nothing could be more right wrong. Okay fine, so the Ego is well, The Ego but The Ego's fans like love it that way! Keith Olbermann's Ego is so big that it has its own website after all.
Making matters worse was how he handed the revelation that Countdown contributor Richard Wolffe was employed by a Washington lobbying firm.....Instead of acknowledging the mistake, cutting Wolffe loose, and moving on—or saying nothing about the matter publicly—Olbermann first pretended as if he'd been unaware of Wolffe's new job when issued his regrets. But then he changed course, suggesting he'd been so consumed with grief following his mother's death in April that he didn't have time to look into the issue, so he handed over the matter to his "management team" so they could take care of it. That Olbermann was quick to put the blame on his colleagues didn't sit very well with MSNBC insiders, we hear. The handful of lies and overall feeling that Olbermann had reignited a war that could have been brought to a close didn't do much to endear him to his colleagues either.
Seriously, did this clown or anyone else expect Keith Olbermann's Ego to take the fall for what was obviously his staff (and management's) mistake? Of course not--that's why they are there-to cover for Keith Olbermann's Ego! And then there's some driven about how the Ego is overpaid. At 7.5 million a year The Ego is a bargain! And this website acts like Katy Tur is the first person ever to get a job because of her boyfriend's pull.
Last week, Page Six reported that Katy Tur, Olbermann's girlfriend, recently started reporting for WNBC—a second gig in addition to her work at the NBC-owned Weather Channel—and wondered if Olbermann had anything to do with "boosting the news cutie's ascension." Indeed he did, a source tells us. We hear the new side gig followed Olbermann's complaints to NBC execs about Tur's role at the Weather Channel.... Olbermann, we understand, informed his bosses that the job was putting Tur "in danger" and he was deeply concerned about her safety, making it clear that he expected her to be reassigned. That will happen eventually.
See? This guy just confirmed that the NY Post lied when they said that Keith Olbermann spoke to someone at WNBC about a second new job for Katy. Keith Olbermann's Ego doesn't deal with low-level peons. He went straight to the top. And as you can see, Katy Tur now has two jobs at GE-NBC-Universal instead of just one. And in this economy, honestly, who doesn't need more than one job? The Ego is a firm believer in loading up on work. There's Countdown, the NFL gig, the Baseball Nerd, another book in the works, and of course, blogging at Daily Kos in addition to the Ego's duties in running MSNBC and putting the GE-NBC-Universal management types in their place. That's a full-time job right there. And of course, being God's Gift to the world the universe. As it should be.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Keith Olbermann Asks You Do Not Read the NY Times Today

Keith Olbermann's Ego orders asks you to not read the NY Times today. They are printing more truth lies about The Ego again. But since I named Brian Stelter WPIW along with the Times this past Monday night, my fans already know to completely ignore everything that is said in this article because I've already thoroughly discredited any and everything they will ever say about me, past, present, or future. Like this garbage:
Mr. Olbermann told viewers on June 1 that he would halt his jokes about Fox News because he believed that Fox had played a part in inciting the death of the abortion doctor George Tiller. Inside Fox, executives chuckled. They knew that a pact had already been struck by Mr. Olbermann’s bosses to end the feud.
I see that Brian and the Times are bucking for another WPITW title.
After the detente was reported by The Times on Monday, the fighting resumed and Mr. Olbermann claimed there was no deal among the parent companies. That was met by heated skepticism among bloggers.
As The Ego has already explained to you, repeatedly, these bloggers are all right-wing idiots hired by the GOP and Fox to discredit Keith Olbermann's Ego. Once again, The Ego orders requests that you no longer purchase the NY Times as they are clearly another GOP/Murdoch friendly publication intent on attacking the sterling character and reputation of Keith Olbermann's Ego.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Washington Post: Keith Olbermann was willing to quit for his right to blast Bill O'Reilly

This according to Keith Olbermann's Ego's Ego and the Washington Post and Howard Kurtz.
The peace talks with Fox sparked a fierce battle within MSNBC, where a faction led by Olbermann argued that the network's journalistic integrity was at stake -- and that any leak of a nonaggression pact with Fox could damage NBC's reputation for independence.
See? The Ego was leading the forefront, battling for journalistic independence and integrity. What? No, I don't know why the Ego forgot to mention this until now. Huh? Of course this latest version of events has everything nothing whatsoever to do with the many attacks on Keith Olbermann's Ego this week in internet land.
The day after Olbermann's comments about the Tiller slaying, executives convened a large meeting and talked about Fox and the importance of striking the right on-air tone. Olbermann later expressed a willingness to make minor adjustments in his style, but he and his allies, concerned about setting a precedent, dug in for a fight. Olbermann left Zucker and executives with the impression that he might quit if the dispute wasn't resolved to his satisfaction.

Several liberal bloggers have chastised their ally Olbermann. The Huffington Post's Jason Linkins wrote that Olbermann is lying, charging that he stopped talking about O'Reilly after June 1 because he had been silenced by the GE brass. But Olbermann told another critic, Salon's Glenn Greenwald, that "there's no 'deal.' I would never consent, and, fortunately, MSNBC and NBC News would never ask me to."
And this my friends is how the game is played. The Ego got a lot of bad press from this Liberal allies" (allies my ass) and decided to one up them. So what did Keith Olbermann's Ego do? Why pick up the phone and spin a new version of events. And what do you know, this article appears at the Washington Post (the great rival to the NY Times) and this my friends is how once again Keith Olbermann's Ego's has managed to turn shit into sugar ad emerge smelling like a rose. Now everyone is free to heap praise on the Ego once again as he is once again a brave fighter for truth, integrity, and most importantly, for Keith Olbermann's Career the American Way.

Wonkette Mocks Keith Olbermann's Dead Mother

Wonkette is despicable, mocking Keith Olbermann's Mother's death.
SOMEHOW THIS IS VERY OFFENSIVE TO TRIG PALIN AS WELL: Question: Why did Keith Olbermann let Richard Wolffe keep appearing as a guest commentator on his show four months after it became apparent that Wolffe is a known greaseball whore who will take money from literally anyone? Answer: How dare you ask that question, which is an insult to Keith Olbermann’s dead mother
. The Ego is outraged! How dare they!

Gawker is an Idiot too.

The greatness that is Keith Olbermann's Ego would totally never use his mother's death to get himself out of hot water. No matter what Gawker says. How dare they attack a grieving son! And to suggest that The Ego use Google? Don't they understand that the Ego only uses Google to look up porn himself? See, they are idiots.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

CONFIRMED! Katy Tur has a Job at WNBC

You read it here first at Olbermann's Ego: Katy Tur is now working for WNBC, as confirmed by New York Magazine.
And 25-year-old Weather Channel reporter Katy Tur is rising up the NBC Universal ranks, now freelancing for WNBC/Channel 4. But we're sure it has nothing to do with her boyfriend being MSNBC's Keith Olbermann.

And uh, the NY Post.
KATY Tur's star keeps rising at NBC Universal, causing some media watchers to ask whether her fatherly boyfriend, MSNBC blabbermouth Keith Olbermann, 50, could be boosting the news cutie's ascension. Tur, 25, who was hired earlier this year by the NBC-owned Weather Channel to chase storms, has started freelancing as a WNBC/Ch. 4 reporter. An MSNBC rep insisted, "Keith has not spoken to anyone about a job at WNBC since 1980. He is delighted that Katy is also working for the Weather Channel." A WNBC flack called Tur "an experienced reporter."

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Real Winner? Keith Olbermann's Ego!

Oh this is too funny. The publicity for Keith Olbermann's Ego keeps rolling along. Today it's from Huffington Post and this little item which proclaims that Keith Olbermann is playing his viewers for fools. Hey little writer man that no one has ever (or will ever) hear anything from: who are they going to believe? Me or you? Look at all those comments. And the winner is? ME! Listen to this overwrought prose:
Much of the blogospheric discussion has centered around Olbermann's response to the furor, post-NYT article, which has been ridiculous and implausible. But it's also worth spending a little time thinking about Olbermann's initial response -- to the order from on high. As I see it, at that moment in time, Olbermann had four clear choices:

1. Resign his position in protest.
2. Refuse to go along with the edict, and risk his firing.
3. Publicly disclose what he had been told to do.
4. Lie to his viewers.

What he clearly decided to do was #4.
Yep. #4 It was. Because I mean, come on, let's look at the options here. #1: Resign. They pay The Ego $7.5 Mil a year. That was a non-starter from Day 1. The Ego has two (count 'em: two) Park Avenue Apartments. Then there's Katy. Hell, The Ego needs the $7.5 mil a year just to support her and her little hobbies--you know, getting jobs at The Weather Channel, WNBC, etc. Then of course there is The Ego's baseball collection. Do you have any idea how expensive it can be to buy a 1932 baseball card from some player no one has ever heard of? Okay so #2: Risk firing? Yeah, see The Ego's reasons for #1. #3? Publicly disclose that the Ego loves money more than integrity and journalistic ethics and blah blah blah blah? It doesn't look good for the Ego. So naturally that left once choice and one choice only: lie! And as the Ego has explained: lying is easy once you learn how to fake sincerity.

Take a look at the comments on HuffPost. Those people love the Ego's ass. As they should. If The Ego told them to go jump off the Golden Gate Bridge they'd do it because The Ego told them to. The Ego figured out a long time ago that the best way to develop a rabid (and oh boy do some of them need their shots--I mean a few of them scare me) audience was to wrap myself up in the liberal cause. Thus, anyone criticizing me would be branded a GOP operative. Anyone who dares point out anything bad The Ego says or does would also be branded a GOP operative. In short, it is every Liberal's duty to protect and defend their country Keith Olbermann. And that's the way it should be!
Olbermann's perplexing reaction to the controversy, which has been to blow hot snot all over New York Times reporter Brian Stelter's reporting, while simultaneously "honoring" and praising the accuracy of Salon blogger Glenn Greenwald's response, which was based entirely on Stelter's reporting. One cannot decry one report, one minute, and then "honor" the same conclusions the next. On Monday's broadcast he called Brian Stelter one of history's greatest monsters for a day. But then he declared in a statement that Glenn Greenwald's account, which deviated not one iota from the facts Stelter presented, contained "nothing materially factually inaccurate." This is what is known as "total B.S."
Yes but it's Keith Olbermann's bullshit and let me tell you, if it's one thing that The Ego has learned this week is that people also love Keith Olbermann's bullshit. And nothing anyone ever says or does will matter because Keith Olbermann's Ego is well, Keith Olbermann's Ego. As it should be.

Greenwald just won't give it a rest.

Why does Glenn Greenwald hate Keith Olbermann's Ego? How can he call himself a liberal and attack Keith Olbermann? These are very important questions and I'm glad to see that so many of The Ego's fans have decided to grill Greenwald on these very important issues. He's now done a 2nd update on his tired column from yesterday. And he references an "addendum" that David Sirota did in his blog about moi. Good job driving both of them crazy (keep it up).
Some people seem incapable of understanding the significance here. It's really not complicated. It's a major breach of journalistic freedom -- and a serious and
blah blah blah blah. Yeah uh huh. We got you the first 97 times you said that. They don't care Glenn. It's the Ego they love, no matter what, as it should be of course.
I suppose if one finds the issue of corporate control of journalism to be unimportant, then one will find Olbermann's statements unimportant -- but that's about the only view that could justify that reaction.
That's what you think buddy. These people love, love, love the Ego. And nothing you say or do is going to change that, not even the truth lies you people keep spinning about the ego, nor, hee hee, The Ego's statement admitting that nothing you had written was "factually inaccurate". (Psst: The Ego released that statement just to drive Greenwald into hyper-drive. He knows it, I admitted it, and there's nothing he can do about the nasty comments piling up at Salon. The Ego loves it!).
Nothing is more irrelevant to the discussion than whether one "likes" Keith Olbermann or enjoys watching him on the TV. That would be relevant if the topic were: "Who are your favorite TV stars?" But that's not the topic being discussed here. I suppose one could say (as some are arguing in Comments) that one should refrain from ever covering a story that might reflect poorly on anyone who has the same political views as you do; that's the view that led most Republicans to justify everything George Bush did (he's on our side; why criticize him?). But I hope nobody reading this blog expects that sentiment to prevail here (truth-telling and ethical obligations are only for Fox News and Republicans).
LOL. That's what you think Greenwald. The fans obviously feel much differently about this. And who's most important? That's right: The Ego. Oh and his fans.

David Sirota is feeling the love too. It lead to this little shit fit over at his blog that no one would bother reading if it weren't for Keith Olbermann's Ego.
And so I'll just conclude by saying this: You may like Keith Olbermann (as I do), but if your love of Keith Olbermann makes you refuse to defend/demand respect for independent journalism, then you ought to consider how fucked up your value system really is. Loyalty to an individual over loyalty to principles is the definition of cultism. MSNBC partisans insisting that we should ignore General Electric's manipulation of the news out of deference to Keith Olbermann's supposedly infallible awesomeness are at best being intellectually dishonest, and at worst endorsing in precisely the kind of propagandistic pro-censorship sycophancy that is at the heart of this scandal.
Look David (and Glenn and the rest of you): NO ONE CARES. And the Ego loves that they don't care. The only thing that matters to them is the love they feel for Keith Olbermann. What could be more beautiful? Truth, honesty, integrity, journalistic principles, yada yada yada yada, blah blah blah blah. Who cares? Here's what's really important here: Keith Olbermann's Ego. As it should be.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why won't people just take what Keith Olbermann says

as the undisputed truth and STOP WRITING THE TRUTH LIES ABOUT HIM??? This crap is getting old fast people. First of all, this guy Greenwald at Salon will not give it up. But The Ego would like to thank his fans for rushing to his defense and defending his honor and insisting that everything that falls from Keith Olbermann's Lips is the Undisputed Truth. Here, let me sample for you:
So. . . the fact that Olbermann attacked O'Reilly is proof that he complied with an order NOT to attack O'Reilly? And the proof that there was a deal comes from an anonymous source used by a lawyer-playing-journaliist who has always lambasted actual journalists for using anonymous sources. Delicious.
This led a very frustrated Greenwald to snap:
Why can't people read? The proof comes from Brian Stelter's four independent sources; my independent source with first-hand knowledge of what happened; the fact that Olbermann stopped talking about O'Reilly exactly when GE executives told him to stop; and the fact that Olbermann said nothing that I wrote was inaccurate. Do you need me to repeat that?
Look Glenn, I hate to break it to you, but the people get The Ego. And they get that whatever The Ego tells them is the truth IS THE TRUTH, no pesky things like facts required. Do you need me to repeat that???? I digress. The comments to what Greenwald wrote amuse the Ego and warm his heart. I'm particularly fond of someone calling themselves "Pragma" who demanded that Greenwald reveal an off-the-record source.
I'm not going to make up my mind one way or the other without better data than some unknown third party's word.
Well done Pragma, well done! This so enraged Greenwald that he had to respond with this:
Given that Keith Olbermann himself just said that nothing I said was inaccurate, what difference does it make how you assess the credibility of the source I have? Olbermann himself is stating explicitly that what I wrote was accurate. What else do you need to know?All the love and affectino that you harbor for Keith Olbermann is never going to make this sentence disappear: "I honor Mr. Greenwald's insight into the coverage of GE/NewsCorp talks, and have found nothing materially factually inaccurate about it." Try closing your eyes and clicking your ruby slippers three times -- it will still be there.
I love it when the Fans needle idiots like Greenwald. Saves me the trouble from having to do it myself. Poor Greenwald. The fans were so great about needling him he finally just posted this diatribe:
Olbermann's statement is what I wanted in order to feel fine about not disclosing that evidence, because it states as clearly as can be -- from the horse's mouth -- that what I wrote was accurate. That people can't see the significance of that means they don't want to (I LOVE KEITH!!!!), and for those people, even releasing the emails would do no good.
Yep, love my fans. They understand that they can't believe their own lying eyes where I'm concerned. They need to believe only that The Ego is a perfect being and that the truth is what the Ego tells them it is. I'll admit it, The Ego began to feel so sorry for poor Greenwald that he did indeed give him a statement. Here's how Greenwald described it:
As for the piece I wrote on Saturday, my basis was, quite obviously, Stelter's NYT article. But my basis for the added facts about the GE/Fox deal which I wrote in yesterday's piece were statements made in not-for-attribution emails from a person who has first-hand knowledge of GE's newsroom edict. Today, after I told Olbermann that his on-air denial last night had made it appear that what I wrote was untrue, when we both knew it was entirely accurate, Olbermann issued the following on-the-record statement to me about this matter (emphasis added):
Look, The Ego had to help the guy out (and get him off my butt)so I threw him a little quote.
I honor Mr. Greenwald's insight into the coverage of GE/NewsCorp talks, and have found nothing materially factually inaccurate about it. Fox and NewsCorp have continued a strategy of threat and blackmail by Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes, and Bill O'Reilly since at least 2004. But no matter what might have been reported by others besides Mr. Greenwald, and no matter what might have been thought around this industry, there's no "deal." I would never consent, and, fortunately, MSNBC and NBC News would never ask me to.
That's the Ego's story and The Ego is sticking to it (no matter what the facts say). Don't you love the quote? "Nothing materially inaccurate" about what Greenwald has reported, while still denying it? Yes my friends, it is Egospeak in action. Hee hee. But as Greenwald learned, even when the Ego admits that something was actually factually true (more Egospeak), it still doesn't mean the Fans will believe it. God the Ego loves being The Ego.

Oh and one more thing? Add the previously Keith Olbermann's Ego-friendly FireDogLake to the list of enemies.
Olbermann has now made two contradictory statements about his role in the affair: He confirms what Glenn Greenwald wrote, which is that he stopped covering O'Reilly because he was told to by his bosses at GE He says that his decision to stop covering O'Reilly was purely a response to O'Reilly's role in the Tiller incident, and that any assertion to the contrary is a blackmail attempt by Roger Ailes It is clear that there was a deal between GE and News Corp, because both are confirming it. So Olbermann is, at best, guilty of obfuscation by claiming that he was not "party" to any deal.
Details, details. Once you've learned how to fake sincerity, the rest is a piece of cake.
There will be a cloud over Olbermann's credibility until he clarifies what really happened.
Nope. Looking like Sunny Skies for Olbermann's Ego actually. And looking at the comments at that little blog it seems that the rain is falling on FireDogLake, not Keith Olbermann's Ego. The fans get that they only have to believe the ego, not their own lying eyes. And that's exactly how The Ego likes loves it.

Uh oh. Someone doesn't get it.

Namely this guy.
On his show last night, Keith Olbermann essentially issued a non-denial denial about the GE-MSNBC-Fox story, saying that he himself was "party to no deal" -- exactly what he said in the original New York Times Olbermann's non-denial denial last night, he didn't refute the quotes from General Electric management, he didn't refute that MSNBC execs told its producers that they "wanted the channel's other programs [to] restrain from criticizing Fox directly," and he didn't refute this report from TV Newser saying that the parent companies for Fox and MSNBC have been in negotiations for months.
Okay Ego fans, you know what to do: that's right, get busy in the comments section and rip this guy a new one.

And there's obviously something in the water over there at Huffington Post (that's right, they too are no longer a reliable judge of Keith Olbermann's work).
KO and BO are two similar cats in many respects. These monumentally insecure men detest each other to the extent that they care not that it affects the quality of their shows or contributes to the uneasiness of their audience. These are two guys from not-so-serious pasts who now want very much to be respected and considered as media vanguards, two societal forces that can control destiny and history with their words alone.....Olbermann, the snarky Eddie Haskell who thinks he's smarter and pithier than everybody and anybody in the room, especially his Fox counterpart, the oafish Ted Baxter. Both of these guys have Goliath complexes: large men who are braggadocius and to be respected. KO trying to rid himself of the image of an erstwhile sports guy and BO, the journalist manqué, trying to rid himself of KO. .....BO versus KO will forever be remembered as one of televisions greatest hate affairs.
Again, all lies. Except the part where this guy slams Bill O'Reilly. That part is all true.

And please ignore New York magazine as well.
(Olbermann's comments are)...based on the presumption that even though the half of Brian Stelter's story about him was false, the half about Fox News was true, which is awfully convenient for Olbermann.
See? They don't get the greatness that is Keith Olbermann's Ego. If I say what they say about The Ego is a lie, it's a lie. And if The Ego says it's all true about O'Reilly it's all true about O'Reilly, and no questions or snarking allowed otherwise. (What? So they wrote a semi-decent article kinda praising The Ego once. They've turned on The Ego now. They must be immediately blacklisted).

And media critics and journalism professors? What do they know?
(Olbermann's commentary).... is intellectually dishonest, as it implies that Stelter deliberately did not use Olbermann's quote because it didn't fit with what he wanted to write. In fact, Stelter did use it, and he placed it in context. It's very clear from Stelter's story that the deal had been cut by higher-ups, and that Olbermann might or might not go along. Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch came in at number one for trying to muzzle O'Reilly. Hmmm ... doesn't that confirm that Stelter got it right? Glenn Greenwald, who's been blogging away at Salon ever since the Stelter story came out, criticized his ideological soulmate Olbermann last night, writing on Twitter, "Really surprised by the Olbermann denial - there's lots and lots of evidence that the NYT's description about what GE did is 100% accurate." All in all, not a good moment for Olbermann. He may have reclaimed his independence. But he did so at the expense of sliming a journalist who'd broken an important, unflattering story about collusion by media moguls. At the very least, Olbermann ought to award himself the bronze.
The Ego is the best person in the world. How dare this man suggest otherwise?

And speaking of Glenn Greenwald and Salon? Again, ignore them too. He appears to be writing some hard-to-follow gibberish here about how GE is the root of all evil or something.

And finally, add The Nation into the list of people who cannot be trusted when it comes to reporting or commenting on anything Keith Olbermann related. (Yeah, The Ego knows he's been a cover boy for them but now they have betrayed The Ego.)

Since most of these people have "comments" on their page I expect every good Keith Olbermann fan to immediately run to these pages and post diatribes denouncing them as liars immediately. I don't care if you have jobs. What's more important? Your measly, unimportant little job or Keith Olbermann's Ego? That's right people: it's all about me.

**On Edit****
When The Ego said "finally" he meant "Finally" dammit. Sigh. Okay, add Cityfile to the Enemies List (see sidebar for the complete list--for now). Okay so Cityfile has a history of not liking The Ego so naturally you should also disredit everything they ever snark about The Ego okay? Cityfile.
Keith Olbermann took Times reporter Brian Stelter to task last night for reporting that News Corp. and GE had worked out a deal to tone down the rhetoric between MSNBC and Fox News. But he didn't disagree with everything Stelter reported. Conveniently, only the bad stuff about him was wrong.
But of course. See, Cityfile is just stupid.
More bad news for Olbermann: MSNBC now admits it made a mistake by not disclosing that Countdown fixture Richard Wolffe is a paid lobbyist. Naturally, Olbermann had absolutely no idea about any of this.
Look don't they realize that The Ego is a very busy man? Who has time for stupid things like vetting hosts?

The Truth According to Keith Olbermann's Ego

This is just too easy sometimes. Why it's almost like taking Candy from babies. Keith Olbermann's Ego loves his fans. You wanna know why? They aren't that great with critical thinking skills. For example, they don't notice patterns at all. Patterns you say? What are these patterns that The Ego speaks of? Watch and learn my friends, watch and learn.

Step 1: Someone prints or posts a negative story about Keith Olbermann's Ego.

Step 2: The Ego immediately takes to either the airwaves or Daily Kos (or both) to brand the person who wrote it as someone who has it out for him (Example: Lloyd Grove (NY Post, The Daily Beast), Brian Stelter (The NY Times), Dan Abram's Mediaite.

Step 3: For good measure, attack the venue where the attack appeared (Examples: The New York Times, The Post, the Daily News (and going back to the old days, the LA Times), Gawker, Cityfile, Wonkette, etc., etc.,

Step 4: Go to Kos, post a diary offering a very special, special comment or some sort of "must-see TV" to pump the ratings. Even if the special comment isn't necessarily related to the attack from these vicious people who all hate the Ego, look, the fans will still tune in and pump up the Ego's ratings. The Ego loves ratings you know. And Daily Kos.

Step 5: Go on Countdown and deliver WPITW awards, offer up a very special, special comment. Drives the attacker wild (and the fans believe every word, it's a win-win for The Ego).

Step 6: Sit back and laugh. Really, it's too easy. Look at yesterday: it was a beautiful thing to see. Did you notice how Keith Olbermann's Ego piled upon young Brian and the NY Times? Brian has been one of The Ego's biggest supporters since he was still in college and ran the then-CableNewser. And the NY Times? The NY Times loves my ass. Oh right, revionist thinking: they hate the Ego! Yes, that's right, the Times is now an enemy of Keith Olbermann. So what if four sources either with MSNBC or Fox told the NY Times that the deal happened? It did not happen! I mean really, who are you going to believe? The Ego or the NY Times and the statements from corporate stooges? Right! The Ego is always, always right. And so what that The Ego didn't bother mentioning O'Reilly from June 1st to August 3rd, whatever would give anyone the idea there was a deal? You got it! Because The Ego told them so! See what I mean? Easy as pie.

Step 7: This is Keith Olbermann's Ego's favorite step. You see, my fans are so IQ challenged loyal and faithful any future stories an organization writes about The Ego will also be immediately discredited as being false since the writer or website/paper, etc. has already been discredited by the Ego for printing the truth lies about him in the past! And when you throw in a dead person, or two, why the fans have no choice whatsoever to doubt that The Ego is telling anything but 100% of the truth. I mean come on. The deal non-existing deal between MSNBC and Fox News was made at the end of May. It was just a coincidence that The Ego never mentioned Bill-O's name once between June 1st and August 3rd. Nope, no deal whatsoever. Never happened (because that's what The Ego said happened (or didn't happen), it didn't happen (even if it did).

What? You don't think The Ego would ever do such a thing? Trust me, it happens.

And The Ego wants you to know he applies these steps at work too. Why just yesterday The Ego had MSNBC prez (and longtime KO bitch friend) Phil Griffin speak to the Countdown staff and explain to them, in detail why there was no deal and it was all about "tone". Truthfully? The Countdown staff aren't the brighest people in the world either. I mean they were right there over the past two months and presumably noticed what we were covering and not covering. But they still needed Phil to come down and explain what didn't happen because you know, they're dumb. And you know why they are dumb? Because The Ego told you they were!

See how easy it is? And you know why it's easy for Keith Olbermann's Ego? Because Keith Olbermann's Ego is a freaking genius that's why people! The Ego tells people what the Truth is (according to Keith Olbermann) and it's true! Or isn't true, whatever the case might be and whatever approach is most flattering for The Ego. And people believe it. What could be better than that? I'm a GOD people. A God! And don't you ever forget it!

Now please excuse the Ego, it's time for some pie.

And at the suggestion of Marcia X 3: please enjoy the musical stylings of Steely Dan and their version of Pretzel Logic (which naturally is not as good as Keith Olbermann's Ego's version).

Monday, August 3, 2009

Olbermann's Ego's Ego Speaks!

Via Daily Kos of course (Where else).
Alls I Can Say ...(and if this doesn't sound like the ultimate self-promotion, I don't know what would, but them's the breaks)... Watch tonight. You'll be pleasantly surprised, I hope. As then-candidate Obama (not to make any undue self-comparisons) once added, with a laugh, after answering a complicated and doubting question from the New York Times editorial board: consider the possibility that I might know what I'm doing here. Plus there's a Special Comment on health care. About fourteen minutes worth.
Notice the show plug. Gotta get them ratings up ya' know.

Lloyd Grove and Tina Brown can bite Keith Olbermann's Ego too

The Ego cannot expect objective reporting from Lloyd Grove. He waged a one-man terror campaign on The Ego when he was at the NY Post.
Olbermann, after taking exception to my selection of quotes from an appearance he made on C-SPAN, named not only me, but my 20-something assistant, as his “Worst Person in the World”—a strange tantrum against relative unknowns that surely baffled his viewers. Not satisfied, Olbermann sent a private side-letter to the newspaper owner demanding that my assistant be fired.
See? That's obviously a lie. The Ego would never request that a 20-something be fired. Keith Olbermann's Ego would either ask for her phone number so he could ask her out and/or hook Katy up with her job once they fired said assistant. See? All lies. Lies. Lies. Lies (Because The Ego learned long ago that if you discredit the source once, than anything else they ever say about you again is obviously, a lie, especially when it's really the truth).

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dan Abrams can kiss Keith Olbermann's.......

Ego. The Ego would like to instruct his many, many fans to refrain from reading the following sites beginning with this Dan Abrams owned fiasco: Mediaite.
This article now puts Olbermann and O’Reilly in a tough spot. They’re both going to want to prove to their viewers that they didn’t cave because of some back room corporate deal. In particular, a deal to stop attacking an entity (MS or FOX) many of their viewers despise.
Damn right The Ego wants to prove that this is all a lie. But Keith Olbermann's Ego doesn't need any advice from any site that Dan Abrams owns.

And while you're at it? Avoid Gawker too. Muzzled my ass. And Buzzflash. What exactly where they buzzed on when they wrote this crap? The Ego answers to his corporate bosses no one. But my old buddy Aaron Barnhart gets me and understands the Ego's greatness. The Ego appreciates that. However the Ego does not appreciate this idiot from Florida's oh-so-helpful suggestions and worthless speculation:
Do Olbermann and O'Reilly see any danger in what's happening? Something sacred is at stake. People have died for the right to say what they think. Is delivering an opinion on cable news these days just theater or what the commentator truly believes? Will Olbermann go along with the pact? A friend observed this week that it's about time for Olbermann, who has history of leaving jobs, to get fed up and move on. The possibility that he might show his unhappiness and walk off the air could be classic television. Here's what's certain: Both hosts have to address this story next week and explain where they go from here. If they don't, they are nothing but entertainers. Can you live with that?
How dare he suggest that the Ego would ever take a deal (but come on, they're paying the Ego $7.5M a year and they gave Katy another cushy job).

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Feud? What Feud? There is no Feud.

Keith Olbermann's Ego doesn't care what the NY Times says.
At an off-the-record summit meeting for chief executives sponsored by Microsoft in mid-May, the PBS interviewer Charlie Rose asked Jeffrey Immelt, chairman of G.E., and his counterpart at the News Corporation, Rupert Murdoch, about the feud. Both moguls expressed regret over the venomous culture between the networks and the increasingly personal nature of the barbs. Days later, even though the feud had increased the audience of both programs, their lieutenants arranged a cease-fire, according to four people who work at the companies and have direct knowledge of the deal.
Look, Keith Olbermann's Ego could care less about any deal that Immelt and Murdoch made (thanks alot Charlie Rose for being so "helpful"). The Ego totally agreed to the deal because who are we kidding? They pay Keith Olbermann's Ego $7.5 mil a year, and just gave Katy (another) new job would never, ever make such a deal atsoever about whatever little deal that Immelt and Murdoch made.
Mr. Olbermann, who is on vacation, said by e-mail message, “I am party to no deal,” adding that he would not have been included in any conversations between G.E. and the News Corporation. Fox News said it would not comment.
What? You want me to translate what The Ego meant by not being party to a deal and would not be a party to such a deal? The Ego wasn't there people. That's what it means. He was not physically present in the room with Immelt, Murdoch and Charlie Rose when they cut the deal.
In early June, the combat stopped, and MSNBC and Fox, for the most part, found other targets for their verbal missiles (Hello, CNN).
Keith Olbermann's Ego would just like to remind everyone that the embedded video above? You know the one from "Early June" (June 1st)? Where Keith Olbermann's Ego issued a mandate to "quarantine" Fox News and Bill O'Reilly? There is absolutely no connection whatsoever between The Ego's ultimatum and the agreement between the two networks to ceasefire (even if there is video evidence suggesting otherwise).If the Ego says it never happened, it never happened. No matter what Salon says either.

UPDATE: And this guy at Inside Cable News who says that Keith Olbermann's Ego used the murder of Dr. Tiller to save this and stop talking about Fox and Bill O'Reilly? He's 100% correct wrong.