Monday, August 3, 2009

Lloyd Grove and Tina Brown can bite Keith Olbermann's Ego too

The Ego cannot expect objective reporting from Lloyd Grove. He waged a one-man terror campaign on The Ego when he was at the NY Post.
Olbermann, after taking exception to my selection of quotes from an appearance he made on C-SPAN, named not only me, but my 20-something assistant, as his “Worst Person in the World”—a strange tantrum against relative unknowns that surely baffled his viewers. Not satisfied, Olbermann sent a private side-letter to the newspaper owner demanding that my assistant be fired.
See? That's obviously a lie. The Ego would never request that a 20-something be fired. Keith Olbermann's Ego would either ask for her phone number so he could ask her out and/or hook Katy up with her job once they fired said assistant. See? All lies. Lies. Lies. Lies (Because The Ego learned long ago that if you discredit the source once, than anything else they ever say about you again is obviously, a lie, especially when it's really the truth).


Marcia x3 said...

Doesn't Lloyd Grove still have all the KarmaBites/Olbermann "sexytalk during work hours" emails? Something tells me Keith won't be going after Grove anytime soon. BTW, the comments over at the Daily Beast are very supportive of Keith, (as they should be!).

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

Yes, The Ego was very happy to see two things regarding these lies, one that my defenders were out there doing their damndest to defend and make up excuses for me and/or that they were in large part ignoring the entire thing simply because they understand The Ego and love the Ego and know that the Ego would never, ever "sell out" (even if the Ego totally did).