Friday, August 7, 2009

Wonkette Mocks Keith Olbermann's Dead Mother

Wonkette is despicable, mocking Keith Olbermann's Mother's death.
SOMEHOW THIS IS VERY OFFENSIVE TO TRIG PALIN AS WELL: Question: Why did Keith Olbermann let Richard Wolffe keep appearing as a guest commentator on his show four months after it became apparent that Wolffe is a known greaseball whore who will take money from literally anyone? Answer: How dare you ask that question, which is an insult to Keith Olbermann’s dead mother
. The Ego is outraged! How dare they!


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell Keith you can only use the same excuse once, twice is pushing it and 3x is totally over the line. No more dead mothers. I guess you'll have to kill off your Dad or Katy or someone else next time.

LK said...

If he keeps pissing off the bosses at NBC his career might be the next dead thing around him.

TR said...

Shame on Wonkette for being bad fans and not letting KO use his Mom's death (again) for a good excuse.