Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy New Year from Keith Olbermann's Ego!

Keith Olbermann's Ego and his very dear friends here would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Keith Olbermann's Ego will Live Forever

Many people admire the Ego's physique (aka "more to love") and now the Ego has proof that his preferred workout method leads to a longer life. Sez so right here.
Frankfurt, Germany, December 6 -- A rather bizarre study carried out by German researchers suggests that staring at women's breasts is good for men's health and increases their life expectancy.

According to Dr. Karen Weatherby, a gerontologist and author of the study, gawking at women's breasts is a healthy practice, almost at par with an intense exercise regime, that prolongs the lifespan of a man by five years.

She added, "Just 10 minutes of staring at the charms of a well-endowed female, is roughly equivalent to a 30-minute aerobics work-out."

A five-year research on 500 men Researchers at three hospitals in Frankfurt, Germany did an in-depth analysis of 200 healthy males over a period of five years. Half the volunteers were instructed to ogle at the breasts of women daily, while the rest were told to refrain from doing so.

At the close of the study, the researchers noted that the men who stared at the breasts of females on a regular basis exhibited lower blood pressure, slower resting pulse rates and lesser episodes of coronary artery [a blood vessel that carries oxygenated blood away from the heart to the body.] disease.

Sexual desire linked to better blood circulation The researchers declared that sexual desire gives rise to better blood circulation that signifies an overall improved health.

Weatherby explained the concept stating, "Sexual excitement gets the heart pumping and improves blood circulation. There's no question: Gazing at breasts makes men healthy.

"Our study indicates that engaging in this activity a few minutes daily cuts the risk of stroke and heart attack in half. We believe that by doing so consistently, the average man can extend his life four to five years."

In addition, she also recommended that men over 40 should gaze at larger breasts daily for 10 minutes.

The Ego will never die.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Keith Olbermann's Ego Twit has left Twitter

Now see what you evil mean twitter types have done to the fragility that is Keith Olbermann's now-shattered Ego? Keith Olbermann has left Twitter. See, it even says so on Huffington Post. The Ego doesn't tweet just for the fun of it people. I thought by now that people would understand the immense neediness that is Keith Olberman's Ego. How dare anyone ever question what the Ego (or the Ego-Twit in this case) says or does? See what happens? Twitter accounts get closed.
Olbermann began receiving a flood of heated criticism on Twitter for hosting Moore and for retweeting Jagger's post. In response, Olbermann apologized for any offense he had caused, but denied that he had done anything else wrong.

Again, people should know the greatness that is Keith Olbermann's Ego well-enough by now to know that the Ego should never, ever be criticised. For anything. Ever. What part of that is so difficult for people to understand?
And this was even after the Ego-Twit tried to, sorta, kinda, apologize.
Rape has touched my family, directly and savagely, and if anybody thinks I have addressed it without full sensitivity, then that assessment is the one that counts, and I apologize. But these accusations that I "revealed" an accuser's identity by retweeting Bianca Jagger's link, or that I 'shamed' an accuser by asking a question about the prosecution of a man governments are trying to bury, or that I do not 'understand' charges that have yet to be presented in their final form, reflect exactly the kind of rushing to judgment of which I'm accused, and merit the same kind of apology I have just given.

The Ego sacrificed himself by revealing that a female relative was raped and that it took her 20 years to "get over it". See the lengths to which the Ego is willing to go to on Twitter to simply share with you ungrateful bastards (and bitches--gotta keep it co-ed right?) even if it hurts himself a relative in the process? That's giving people. What finer definition of sacrifice could you possibly find than someone willing to use a relative's savage rape for his own exoneration of accusations that he retweeted the names of the women allegedly raped by the WikiLeaks dweeb which were posted in a retweet of Bianca Jagger's?

So The Ego has decided to stop tweeting. It's your own fault really. That and Bianca Jagger. And possibly Michael Moore. And of course, all those evil Twitter types. The Ego hopes you're happy. Now how will he amuse himself? More importantly, how will he receive the praise and adoration which is so vital to his utter survival?

And Gawker can bite Keith Olbermann's Ego. I hope they're hacked. What? They were already? How could they tell the difference? They are hacks, not like the genius that is Keith Olbermann's Ego.

Update: And what is it with women trying to use the Ego to get their 15 minutes of fame? Isn't it enough that I got Katy Tur a job at WNBC despite her obvious lack of talent at just about any and everything? And now Salon is on the Ego's enemies list too for printing this idiot's self-serving blather. The Ego is still waiting for her apology--there are NO charges against Aussange, just complaints.