Monday, March 21, 2011

Jeff Daniels to be Keith Olbermann's Alter-Ego On Aaron Sorkin HBO Series?

So we all know that once upon a time Aaron Sorkin wrote a show called Sports Night. Which of course, is a thinly veiled account of the greatness that was Keith Olbermann's Ego's life during his ESPN days. Which character you ask? Why both of them. Because as you know, the Ego is so much man that not just one fictional character can contain his greatness.
The series ended, sadly, after just two seasons but now Aaron Sorkin has been inspired by the Greatness that is Keith Olbermann's Ego brilliant cable news career to write a new series based on The Ego for HBO. And who you might ask is going to play the Greatness? Rumor has it that Jeff Daniels is now in negotiations for the part.
Excuse the Ego for saying this, but we're just not getting the resemblence.

***Update***: Something called New York magazine has dared to disagree with Keith Olbermann's Ego.
Jeff Daniels is currently in talks to take the lead role in Aaron Sorkin's HBO pilot about a difficult, smart cable-news anchor, modeled on the likes of Olbermann, Chris Matthews, Anderson Cooper, and Brian Williams. Daniels's jerkiest role to date, in Squid and the Whale, was such a believable, aggravating, nuanced performance of jerkiness that we're sure he'll be a great fit.

***Update #2***The Egotwit has weighed in on this entire casting situation.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Keith Olbermann's Ego needs Diversions

Sunday marked the one-year anniversary of Keith Olbermann's father's death. Here you can see The Ego Twit dispensing advice on how to move past the death of a loved one. Diversions. Yes. Diversions. Like these Twitter Friends of Keith Olbermann.

Now we're not saying that all of these lovely ladies are "dear friends" of the Ego's like Katy Tur but you can bet a lot of them would like to be. Luckily for them, Keith Olbermann's Ego loves nothing better than "diversions".