Thursday, June 17, 2010

Keith Olbermann's Ego has feelings too: Why Keith Olbermann's Ego has Abandoned Daily Kos

Which is why Keith Olbermann's Ego has denounced Daily Kos and left it in protest after a mean commenter made him cry made him angry. Of course Gawker is having a field day with this. Now the Ego demands that all Keith Olbermann fans immediately leave Daily Kos in protest (btw, the Ego loves the mash notes supporters are leaving on DK begging him to return).

Update 6/22/10: Of course, the Ego reserves the right to change his mind.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Vote for your Favorite.

A new post. And this time you get to vote on your favorite Keith Olbermann Twitter Stalker. Now we know that the Ego-Twit likes to complain about his stalkers but come on, let's get real here. That's Egospeak for "I check my @KeithOlbermann every day to see just how adoring and sycophantic my fans truly are." Because as we know, that's how the Ego loves it. So vote for your favorite Ego-Twit stalker. Will it be the sweet but desperate Donna? The very busy NightOwl? Or someone else whose obsession has escaped the Ego's attention? Sadly, the Ego himself is not eligible for this competition (because as we know, the Ego is the Ego's biggest fan--as it should be).