Friday, August 7, 2009

The Washington Post: Keith Olbermann was willing to quit for his right to blast Bill O'Reilly

This according to Keith Olbermann's Ego's Ego and the Washington Post and Howard Kurtz.
The peace talks with Fox sparked a fierce battle within MSNBC, where a faction led by Olbermann argued that the network's journalistic integrity was at stake -- and that any leak of a nonaggression pact with Fox could damage NBC's reputation for independence.
See? The Ego was leading the forefront, battling for journalistic independence and integrity. What? No, I don't know why the Ego forgot to mention this until now. Huh? Of course this latest version of events has everything nothing whatsoever to do with the many attacks on Keith Olbermann's Ego this week in internet land.
The day after Olbermann's comments about the Tiller slaying, executives convened a large meeting and talked about Fox and the importance of striking the right on-air tone. Olbermann later expressed a willingness to make minor adjustments in his style, but he and his allies, concerned about setting a precedent, dug in for a fight. Olbermann left Zucker and executives with the impression that he might quit if the dispute wasn't resolved to his satisfaction.

Several liberal bloggers have chastised their ally Olbermann. The Huffington Post's Jason Linkins wrote that Olbermann is lying, charging that he stopped talking about O'Reilly after June 1 because he had been silenced by the GE brass. But Olbermann told another critic, Salon's Glenn Greenwald, that "there's no 'deal.' I would never consent, and, fortunately, MSNBC and NBC News would never ask me to."
And this my friends is how the game is played. The Ego got a lot of bad press from this Liberal allies" (allies my ass) and decided to one up them. So what did Keith Olbermann's Ego do? Why pick up the phone and spin a new version of events. And what do you know, this article appears at the Washington Post (the great rival to the NY Times) and this my friends is how once again Keith Olbermann's Ego's has managed to turn shit into sugar ad emerge smelling like a rose. Now everyone is free to heap praise on the Ego once again as he is once again a brave fighter for truth, integrity, and most importantly, for Keith Olbermann's Career the American Way.


LK said...

I tell you what is spinning. My head. If there was no deal and they never asked him to shut up, then how come he didn't mention O'Reilly for two months? Didn't he confirm to Salon that what that guy had written was true (that there was a deal and he went along with it). If there was a deal and he threatened to quit and blew up in a huff about it then why was the Countdown staff only told about it this week? Didn't they notice something odd was going on for two months? Or was that his dead mother's fault too?

TR said...

If he stood up to the execs why didn't he just say that from the beginning? But that can't be true because we know he didn't mention Bill-O for two months (after the deal was made). And doesn't this new story about how he stood up and threatened to leave just confirm once again there was a deal after he said on Monday night that there wasn't on Countdown?

Anonymous said...

I told you haters that Keith would never ever agree to a deal and you were just hateful for spewing this trash about him.

marinara said...

Howie tried to make Keith sound all heroic with that "faction led by Olbermann". Yeah, right. A one-man faction called The Journalistic Integrity for Real He-Men!

Who was leading the other "faction", Howie? I didn't see anywhere to leave comments, or I would have asked that question there.

LK said...

More language parsing to try and save his ass. I think in the short run the fans will buy it but in the long run I think he's done permanent damage with the media critic community on the left who now realize he's another corproate shill and that he will willingly lie to them if its in his best interest.