Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Real Winner? Keith Olbermann's Ego!

Oh this is too funny. The publicity for Keith Olbermann's Ego keeps rolling along. Today it's from Huffington Post and this little item which proclaims that Keith Olbermann is playing his viewers for fools. Hey little writer man that no one has ever (or will ever) hear anything from: who are they going to believe? Me or you? Look at all those comments. And the winner is? ME! Listen to this overwrought prose:
Much of the blogospheric discussion has centered around Olbermann's response to the furor, post-NYT article, which has been ridiculous and implausible. But it's also worth spending a little time thinking about Olbermann's initial response -- to the order from on high. As I see it, at that moment in time, Olbermann had four clear choices:

1. Resign his position in protest.
2. Refuse to go along with the edict, and risk his firing.
3. Publicly disclose what he had been told to do.
4. Lie to his viewers.

What he clearly decided to do was #4.
Yep. #4 It was. Because I mean, come on, let's look at the options here. #1: Resign. They pay The Ego $7.5 Mil a year. That was a non-starter from Day 1. The Ego has two (count 'em: two) Park Avenue Apartments. Then there's Katy. Hell, The Ego needs the $7.5 mil a year just to support her and her little hobbies--you know, getting jobs at The Weather Channel, WNBC, etc. Then of course there is The Ego's baseball collection. Do you have any idea how expensive it can be to buy a 1932 baseball card from some player no one has ever heard of? Okay so #2: Risk firing? Yeah, see The Ego's reasons for #1. #3? Publicly disclose that the Ego loves money more than integrity and journalistic ethics and blah blah blah blah? It doesn't look good for the Ego. So naturally that left once choice and one choice only: lie! And as the Ego has explained: lying is easy once you learn how to fake sincerity.

Take a look at the comments on HuffPost. Those people love the Ego's ass. As they should. If The Ego told them to go jump off the Golden Gate Bridge they'd do it because The Ego told them to. The Ego figured out a long time ago that the best way to develop a rabid (and oh boy do some of them need their shots--I mean a few of them scare me) audience was to wrap myself up in the liberal cause. Thus, anyone criticizing me would be branded a GOP operative. Anyone who dares point out anything bad The Ego says or does would also be branded a GOP operative. In short, it is every Liberal's duty to protect and defend their country Keith Olbermann. And that's the way it should be!
Olbermann's perplexing reaction to the controversy, which has been to blow hot snot all over New York Times reporter Brian Stelter's reporting, while simultaneously "honoring" and praising the accuracy of Salon blogger Glenn Greenwald's response, which was based entirely on Stelter's reporting. One cannot decry one report, one minute, and then "honor" the same conclusions the next. On Monday's broadcast he called Brian Stelter one of history's greatest monsters for a day. But then he declared in a statement that Glenn Greenwald's account, which deviated not one iota from the facts Stelter presented, contained "nothing materially factually inaccurate." This is what is known as "total B.S."
Yes but it's Keith Olbermann's bullshit and let me tell you, if it's one thing that The Ego has learned this week is that people also love Keith Olbermann's bullshit. And nothing anyone ever says or does will matter because Keith Olbermann's Ego is well, Keith Olbermann's Ego. As it should be.


LK said...

On the plus side I guess if Keith ever wants to kill anyone he can get a free pass for that too.

Anonymous said...

This blog is vile. You just want Keith to quit. If he quits there will be no liberal media on tv. Rachel won't be able to keep her job either. Is that what you want? You are all haters who should die a horrible death for your hate.

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

Anonymous 10:31? Pot meet kettle.

marinara said...

But I love Keith and his Ego! I just come here to tease him, praise him, and sometimes scold him. The Ego does not post the most hateful comments because he loves himself so much.

If his show gets cancelled, it will be his own doing. Just check his latest diary at the Daily Kos, that is just a sample of his latest problem(s). He goes there when he needs support. Usually he uses an upcoming special comment as an excuse to post a diary, because he knows he just can't post some whiny thing crying about how he is being attacked.

You, Anon 10:31 are probably one of the two pathetic nuts that follow him all over that blog, CityLightsLover, or Diogenes2008. Do a search with Keith's name under "comments by", and you will see both of their names after every comment he has made, trying to get him to answer them directly.

If you aren't one of them, then I proclaim you to be like them, and it is you who will suffer a horrible fate for your sycophancy. See David Sirota's article at the Huffington Post if you still do not understand.

LK said...

I love how these people believe it's some vast right-wing conspiracy against Keith. HE DID THIS TO HIMSELF. He lied. He threw the guy from the NY Times under the bus and then backed over him a few times for good measure. Then he turned around and admitted that everything in the NY Times article was correct to Salon. So yes, Sirota is 100% correct: he lied and he did it willingly and with forethought and malice. These are self-inflected wounds here, he's not a martyr to any cause although that's how he'd like to be portrayed and thanks to his spinning on Countdown, that's the story people will believe. He'll survive of course but not for long if he keeps up BS like this latest miadventure.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Kos stuff was just weird. He was posting to like 3:30 in the morning answering people making comments etc. He desperately wanted affirmation I guess. That man is just crazy.

Anonymous said...

I still say the correct word for what he did is not lie but whore.