Friday, September 4, 2009

The Christian Science Monitor doesn't like Glenn Beck either

Now, Glenn Beck is an art critic. Last night on Fox News, Beck launched a lengthy and rambling investigation of the “communist” art splayed across the face of Rockefeller Center in New York City. (Video below.) In short order, he went on to accuse John D. Rockefeller, whose family developed the plaza, of supporting communism and fascism. (Apparently one can believe in both at once.)
Absolutely not, says Christopher Knight, an art critic (a real one) for the Los Angeles Times. Beck was as “nutty as usual,” Knight wrote: He pointed to a portrait of Lenin in Mexican master Diego Rivera’s destroyed Rockefeller lobby mural, “Man at the Crossroads,” but forgot to mention that old John D. had the mural removed because of it. (Facts are stubborn things — even more stubborn than demagoguery.) With comedy stylings like that, Beck is turning out to be the Harold Harby of our day. Who was Harold Harby? A Los Angeles city councilman in the early 1950s, Harby took up propaganda-arms with a paranoid group of right-wing loonies called the Society for Sanity in Art. They made it their patriotic duty to search out Communist symbols they just knew were hidden in that weird, postwar abstract art.


Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

Not since Joe McCarthy shuffled off this mortal coil in 1957 has anyone made a career by accusing people of being communists. Glenn Beck has resurrected the practice. Not only has he found a cabal of secret communists, he has uncovered an entire communist corporation chock full of commies. The name of this company, you may ask?


You heard me right, boys and girls. The network that gave us Uncle Miltie and Ma Perkins has apparently been secretly sending subliminal messages endorsing Marxist doctrine since it was formed in 1926. This would make perfect sense to me. Every time I watched the Rockford Files I had an unexplainable desire to read Das Kapital. But seriously, folks. Twenty years after the fall of the Soviet Union, red baiting not only seems silly, it's also kind of nuts. It's not-at-all surprising that an organization would give this idiot a forum (after all, he's on FOX Noise). What's really stunning is the fact that his ratings are relatively high and that so many Americans take his word as gospel.

All kidding aside, half-witted ideologues are a dime a dozen. What separates Glenn Beck from his peers is the fact that he is doing some serious damage to the country he professes to love so much. For all of the comparisons to the Nazis he likes to make with respect to Liberals, Beck's program has much in common with Adolf Hitler's 1923 screed, Mein Kampf. Eighty-six years ago, Hitler attempted to arouse the anger of his fellow Germans by spouting half truths and utter nonsense - exactly what Glenn Beck is doing in 2009. So much of the insane dialogue that has been spewed forth at these Town Hall meetings across the country in recent weeks might have been lifted straight from a transcript of Beck's program.

Beck and his twisted ilk have done the impossible. They have deflected the blame for America's current economic distress (from where it should be aimed) toward a man who is trying to clean up the mess that was created - in large part - by people like Glenn Beck. They have also let loose with a vengeance the very worst angels of the American nature. Opening this Pandora's box was relatively easy. Closing it might prove to be a bit of a problem.

Deep in their hearts
They do believe
That they shall undermine someday....

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY

Michael Pascoe said...

Do you remember that guy that use to perform at the school assemblies that took your name and made a dog our of it? I bet that was Glenn Beck. How can a person be both a commie and a fascist? Did he sleep through civics?

Next Beck will tell us how you can be both a ying and a yang at the same time.

marinara said...

Keith's Ego, I know you like to make fun of Glenn Beck, and your little rant for the #1 story on Thursday night was sorta cute, but to try it again on Friday?


Marcia x3 said...

It would have been nice for Keith to have pointed out this item in his fact segment, instead of making silly faces and noises---imagine those smirks and "voices" during love-making. Like I said before, whatever job Olbermann gets Katy, she's earned it...

Anonymous said...

I thought this site was about Olbermann..?

Anonymous said...

Olbermann and love making in the same sentence? I shudder to think...and not in a good way!

The whole archnemesis/feud thing IS lame, and he should retire that bit before he runs out of "enemies" over at Fox. Besides if viewers wanted to see what Beck/O'Reilly/the gang were up to, they'd tune into their shows, not watch Countdown. They ought to rename the show to Countdown with Keith Olbermann's Enemies or something.

marinara said...

This site is about his Ego, not him so much.