Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glenn Beck or Dan Abrams?

Keith Olbermann's Ego cannot decide which one he hates more. Of course longtime defenders of the greatness that is Keith Olbermann's Ego will know that Dan Abrams is a sworn enemy of the Ego and created a website just to discredit Keith Olbermann's Ego (wait, no that was Tucker Carlson). Whatever. Abrams and his crew of cretins have struck again, dissing the greatness that is the Ego and his brilliantly funny comedic spoof on Glenn Beck's Fox Fan Rally.
This is just uncomfortable and embarrassing and in the future Keith Olbermann should avoid trying to do Glenn Beck. Oof. In one of those instances where you wonder how come a producer didn’t step in and say this is really not a good idea, last night Olbermann played the voice of God (I think) in a skit that awkwardly depicted him playing the “voice Beck is hearing” from a “secret backstage” area in some sort of weird upper class accent
Obviously they are not fans of Family Guy (which of course gets the greatness that is the Ego and have wisely used the Ego's talents in the past to "voice" a character).
You know what would have been slightly less awkward and uncomfortable to watch? Keith Olbermann eating a big bowl of sour grapes while crying into his baby blanket. At least it would have been honest.
Oh yeah? Keith Olbermann's Ego will tell you what's honest and true: Dan Abrams and Mediaite suck great big giant bowls of sour grapes because they are insanely jealous of the huge, huge talent that is Keith Olbermann's Ego. Both Tucker Carlson and Dan Abrams were fired from MSNBC. They blame the Ego for their dismissal and cannot be trusted or believed. Consider the source my friends, consider the source.

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Anonymous said...

I think the Ego should hate Glenn Beck more because it looks like Beck can draw crowds in a way that Dan Abrams and even good ole Bill O'Reilley can't. And the Ego is obviously all about hating people who have stuff that the Ego wants--growing ratings, a growing number of devoted lemming fans, and the buzz of other media outlets. It's getting really tough out there for the Ego to outcompete someone with an even larger ego.

And kudos to the person who called the Ego out on his sour grape eating and blanket holding ways! Ego, we can't help how we feel, so it's okay to cry and eat a big bowl of sour grapes sometimes but not in public. We have to keep our big boy pants on in public.

By the way, ladies, the NY Post has noted that the Ego was recently spotted at a Yankees game with a young brunette! Obviously the Ego told the Post this info! However, is this the Ms. Right that will save single ladies of the world from the Ego's advances? Also does anyone why the Ego tweeted the phrase "toy boat" over and over again a few days ago? Was the Ego just being weird?