Thursday, April 30, 2009

As you know, much has been made of the Ego's refusal to acknowledge negative comments about himself on the Baseball Nerd blog (or elsewhere for that matter) to the point of deleting them which really offends the right-wing's sense of entitlement to spew hate. Get a clue guys, The Ego is not here to be used as a vehicle for your little hate speech. The Ego exists solely to be loved, adored, admired, praised, you get the general drift by now, I'm sure. And if you don't what the hell is taking you so long in getting it? Worship The Ego people. That's all the Ego asks. How can you best fawn at and fall down on your knees in worship of The Ego? I'm glad you asked. I think that Chris Matthews gives you a general idea how it's done here. Atta boy Chris.


Marcia, Marcia, Marcia said...

Ouch! Since Keith can't remove negative comments/stories from the Daily Kos (like he can on his BBnerd blog), he just lashes out. His ratings are shrinking, but he's ripping into his loyal viewers because they dare question his constant coverage of the torture dedate.

Scroll about half through the comments to read his chirlish and cranky rant.,-TorturePres.-Obama

a snipet from Keith's rant responding to a viewer who simply said she'd take a brake from his program and watch the SciFi channel for a while:

"Go. I minimize nothing about the economy. I have never suggested the pursuit of this issue should replace the vital and urgent efforts to restore financial security to everyone in our nation. I have never even suggested this President move this issue higher among his priorities."

Double Ouch!! What he doesn't get is that he really HAS minimized issues concerning the economy because he just hasn't been covering it. Kinda like when he "minimized" the Stewart/Cramer not covering it.

marinara said...

Tonight he'll have something on the economy to please his viewers. Well, he'd better. Or he'll have Markos Moulitsas on again, like he did last time, just to show everyone that he's still OK with the Daily Kos' chief.

marinara said...

Hah, just as I thought. Keith had something about a bill to stop owner foreclosures, voted NO on by 11 Democrats! I told you he'd have something about the economy.