Sunday, October 4, 2009

Of course Keith Olbermann knows David Letterman's Blackmailer

And spills all at the Baseball Nerd. Don't worry Dave! Keith Olbermann's Ego has your back on this one.
First time I've included a non-baseball story in here, I think. You saw the David Letterman extortion/blackmail attempt? Without defending Letterman's forced-to-confess-transgressions, I went slack-jawed went suspect Robert J. Halderman was arrested. He has been a Producer for CBS News 48 Hours, but what you haven't read is that when I made my television debut as the New York correspondent for CNN Sports in 1981, Robert J. "Joe" Halderman was the chief assignment editor in the CNN New York bureau. You know when somebody gets arrested for some horrific or moronic crime (like taking a personal check for two million dollars as a blackmail payment), you hear somebody say "that's not the guy I knew"? Not this time. This is exactly the guy we knew at CNN in 1981.


Anonymous said...

Wonder what Halderman did to Olbermann?

marinara said...

If Halderman had anything to blackmail Keith with, we would have heard something about it by now. I think Keith meant the guy just had an air of general creepiness around him. Probably just one of those mean types who hate everyone. Don't we all know someone like that?