Monday, December 28, 2009

The NY Times does not understand Keith Olbermann

The NY Times is clearly on a vendetta to attack MSNBC, which as you know, Keith Olbermann's Ego runs owns. Look, it was a holiday weekend. The Ego was on vacation. You don't expect the Ego to interupt his vacation to report on something so trivial as news do you? How would that benefit the Ego exactly? The Ego needs his rest people and so does everyone else at MSNBC. What's the big deal anyway exactly? CNN & Fox were/are all over this story. Go watch them or something instead of whining about how MSNBC wouldn't interupt their very fine (and highly rated) crime documentaries to cover something so trivial as a terrorist attack on the United States. The Ego will be back in 2010, and so will MSNBC's primetime. Whatever happens between now and then is not Keith Olbermann's Ego's concern. So just chill the hell out until then okay? I mean, priorities people, priorities. The Ego (and MSNBC) have them and clearly it's getting our vacation time in, not adding to the hysterical over-reporting exhibited by CNN and Fox News this weekend over some guy stuffing some explosives into his underpants. Hell, The Ego has his own explosions in his underpants every now and then too. You don't see MSNBC cutting into our taped program to report on that do you?


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Those underwears look like they could use a good bleachin'.