Friday, January 22, 2010

Jon Stewart is Dead to Keith Olbermann's Ego

Keith Olbermann's Ego is sad to inform you that Jon Stewart and the Daily Show are now official enemies of Keith Olbermann's Ego. Why you ask? Because of this. Sir, how dare you mock the greatness that is Keith Olbermann's Ego? Minions you know what to do: boycott The Daily Show immediately. Also, please inform Mr. Stewart that you do not appreciate his unwarranted attacks on The Ego. That is all.

Or not. As you can see, Keith Olbermann decided to make a statement to TVNewser. Note the sly slam at Stewart who simply does not compare to the statue of Academy Award Winning Actor (and screenwriter), Ben Affleck's impersonation of The Ego.


marinara said...

I saw this at Raw Story first thing this morning, b/c I missed the Daily Show last night. *Sigh*. And I was so hoping that Stewart would one day have The Ego on as a guest. That will never happen now.

Wow, first Rachel, now Keith. He already trashed Matthews over his book. Who's next? Scarborough? Shultz?

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

Jon Stewart is now an enemy of the people. Or at least MSNBC.

Jovanna said...


How dare you grovel at the slimy fifth rate humor that is stewart? As you graciously reminded us tonight, YOU, SIR, ARE THE 5 YEAR LEADING NEWS ANCHOR OF YOUR DOMAIN. (I'm sure you meant more but let's be modest.) You need not panhandle an apperance at the knees of such comical inferiority. That is why you own an international electronics conglomerate! ....I mean cable news network! .......I mean show! .....Whatever!

When news breaks during your show, YOU and ONLY YOU shall deliver it! (Unless it is one of the 2 of 5 days you get off a week, in which Laurence will want to play dress up or David will pretend he has a show again.)

And for you to give in to a classic straw man appeal like that, to utter those words of regret... to admit that you were "over the top lately"... THAT, SIR, I don't think I can forgive.

Ok I forgive. Never do it again.

Anonymous said...

LOL. sorry but stewart is smarter than olbermann. and he has guts.