Monday, January 18, 2010

Research shows that Blondes feel entitled.

Like this is something Keith Olbermann's Ego hadn't already figured out after living with Katy Tur's Ego? Park Avenue apartment, not one but two jobs courtesy of Keith Olbermann's Ego, yes, The Ego has found out way more than he ever wanted to find out about how entitled blondes feel.


LK said...

Cut Katy's ego some slack. She has to put up with you.

marinara said...

She probably doesn't even live with him. I can't see their Ego's getting along with each other.

Jovanna said...

Ego, I thought you lived 3rd.... eh. Park Shmark. Ego only hangs with new money. Distinguished, intelligent new money. Not like meatpacking new money. Those crystal meth clubbing weirdos.