Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Keith Olbermann is Dead.

WTF? Keith Olbermann is Dead?

Before any of my multitude of fans commit suicide in a fit of overwhelming grief over Keith Olbermann's Ego's untimely demise, you can file this under BS. Keith Olbermann is NOT dead. I don't care WHAT Wikipedia had to say.

On the other hand? Keith Olbermann's Ego is proud and happy to be among those famous celebs who have not died this week despite the rumors which said they had. My fellow very famous celebs include Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, and Ellen Degeneres. See? Keith Olbermann is being mentioned in the same breath as A+ celebs--so who says there is a down side to this whole dead thing, other than, you know, the part about being dead. Publicity baby, can't get enough of it--ever.


Anonymous said...

I'm just surprised they didn't list the cause of death on the wiki article as "acute viagra overdose".

Marcia x3 said...

Stephen Colbert did a very funny segment with Jeff Goldbloom on his "death"---some goof posted his demise on twitter and AUS news reported it as real!

Although, it's gotta be a little strange seeing your death reported. Wonder if Keith will mention this on Countdown, I keep missing the show, too much good baseball happening lately.

LK said...

It should give him pause as to what his true legacy would be as both a man and a broadcaster if he did die. In fact it should serve as a warning to us all.