Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stephen Colbert is not WPITW until Keith Olbermann' Ego Sez So

And besides, begging isn't becoming to anyone Stephen.


marinara said...

Keith's ego, you had better show up for work tomorrow, and have something cute and respectful to say about Stephen, even if do put him on your Worst List.

You know what would really piss off Stephen and get you off the hook at the same time? Give him the bronze. That would show him that you'll listen to him since he is a fellow news broadcaster, but he isn't quite good enough to merit the gold. Not on your show.

marinara said...

Go ahead, Keith's Ego. Since you've had a four day weekend, you've go ample time to write up a glowing eulogy to Walter Cronkite. It would be great for your ego to compare yourself to him. Go ahead, just do it! You know you want to.

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

Of course you can count on Keith's Ego to pen a farewell to Mr. Cronkite (which of course will somehow manage to mention The Ego numerous times within said tribute piece).