Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fox and Friends aren't my Friends.

So this asshat from Faux News claims that the genius that is Keith Olbermann's Ego ran away from him when he dared cross our path at the Super Bowl. Idiots. Why would the Ego run away from such a mental lightweight as the imbeciles that are employed at Faux? Never would I do such a thing. Never. Newshounds lays it all out for you here.


jimbobinnky said...

Keeifh, you don't have any friends, you will never have any friends, so stop trying. You are currently a beached whale with that fat gut of yours sticking out. Some people say that you're 8 months along in your pregnancy.

marinara said...

Well, of course, Keith. Now that you've shown everyone how wonderful you were at the Super Bowl, you deserve a couple of days off. Hell, take a couple of weeks and get a tummy tuck. At least go to a spa and let the staff try to reduce that belly of yours.

Anonymous said...

God forbid he's knocked up, we don't need 2 of that roaming around this earth.