Thursday, February 5, 2009

There isn't even a contest. Keith Olbermann or Bill O'Reilly?

The Ego has a love-hate relationship with Jossip. Sometimes they like The Ego, sometimes not. Today they're gauging public opinion on who is worse-Keith Olbermann or Bill-O. They're f'ing kidding The Ego aren't they?

At least the piece got off to a decent start:
Bill O'Reilly is a stupid racist posing as a newsman and shamming old people and rednecks into buying poison. To us, there's really nothing worse on television today. Literally nothing. We'd rather every station constantly play HeadOn ads than have to hear about the lying prick ever again
My thoughts exactly.
Both men are liars who distort facts to make points.
Keith Olbermann's Ego lie? Never. (Unless of course it's to make The Ego look better).
Keith Olbermann is a conceited, rich, hypocritical windbag, his saving grace is that at least he's not a rotten bigot
Well there is that.
Again, to be sure, Olbermann is not the type of man to beatify, and he should be watched with the same amount of skepticism one brings to a magic show…but he's still better than Bill O'Reilly.
This is the part that the Ego has the real problem with. What does they mean that The Ego is not someone to beatify? I'm Keith Olbermann's Gigantic Ego, an ego like none other. I'm brilliant. Handsome. Rich. Successful. I am exactly the type of man whose likeness should be carved in stone somewhere. How dare Jossip suggest otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Olbermann is anti-women.

Smart to his games said...

Keith's ratings lately have sucked. Tonight he's back from vacation and doing a special comment. What a coincidence---not.