Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Every notice how "Twit" is part of the word "Twitter"?

And that is why Keith Olbermann's Ego refuses to Twitter.
Enough of my life has been consumed by electronics that have been invented during my life that I may have actually reached my absolute far end of my ability to handle new electronics, new ways of communication," he told us at the Empire State Pride Agenda's "Defying Inequality" event at the Gershwin last night. "I may have hit a wall with an iPhone." The Countdown host said he looked into it, but wasn't sure he wanted everyone to follow his life so closely. "I have a good, healthy broadcaster sense of paranoia as it is without it being literally true that the thing buzzing in my pocket is a bunch of people knowing I’m at 51st Street or wherever," he explained. "And a lot of the stuff, frankly, was not very interesting. I mean, it’s 'Ni-ho! David Gregory's in there having a Bran muffin!'"
Actually The Ego just doesn't want any ex-girlfriends, psycho-stalker fans or Bill O'Reilly knowing his approximate whereabouts.

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marinara said...

That's right Keith, you've got to protect yourself and your ego from an embarrassing public scene with an ex-date, an obsessed fan, a Fox News stalker producer, or a wingnut who hates you. That would be humiliating to get your ass beat in public. You're wise to limit the potential for that by refusing to twitter.

Why don't you get Katy to twitter? If we can keep track of where she is, at least we'll know where you're not.