Monday, February 23, 2009

The Oscars

So Keith Olbermann's Ego has just finished watching the Oscars and this question is foremost in the Ego's mind: Where is the shoutout to me dammit? Would it have killed any of these actors to mention moi just once? Doesn't Sean Penn know the Ego delivered an hour-long (okay it was really like 7 mintues but who's counting?) rant in support of gay marriage? And the Ego did it better than Sean did tonight too. So next year the Ego is looking for a nothing less than a nomination people. Look, The Ego has already conqurered Broadway. So Hollywood is the next logical step in my career. It doesn't even matter what category just so long as the Ego is nominated and wins. Because it's all about the winning. And the adulation. Hmmm. Note to self. See if we can get a studio audience for the newcasts. I could get a Standing O every night. Standing Ovations. Oscars. Winning. Because Keith Olbermann's Ego deserves no less.

1 comment:

LK said...

Not unless the Oscars adds a category for "Worst performance by a supposed news anchor".