Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Financial troubles? Not me!

So apparently the mothership at NBC is having a bit of a financial squeeze. And apparently the network has booted people like Kevin Corke and Bob Faw. And Don Teague & Mark Mullen and 498 other people.

But Keith Olbermann's Ego? Sitting on 30 million over the next 4 years baby! No financial woes for me as I chill in my Park Avenue pad with my 20-something babe beside me. And you know why? Because the Ego is worth every single penny.


flowergirl said...

If Keith were steadily ahead of BillO in the ratings then I would say he's worth it. But he continues to struggle.
NBC is literally banking on something that could go ballistic at any moment.
This is a clear indication of bad management.

LK said...

Ever heard the expression "Give them enough rope...?" maybe that's what they are doing with KO. Whatever it is, it's a mistake.