Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Songs from Keith Olbermann's Ego's IPOD: The Rolling Stones

So Keith Olbermann and his gigantic ego are on vacation this week. The Ego knows that the Ego's absence is tough for the Ego's devoted fans who hang on every single little syllable that the Ego utters (as you should). But think how glad you'll all be when the Ego returns fresh and rested and rarin' to go (as in go admire myself in the mirror, natch). If the pain of The Ego's abscence is just too great to bear, just break out your DVD's and video tapes and whatever it is you use to record Countdown and all The Ego's various media appearance. Come on. I know you are all sitting on vast libraries of my work. And if you're missing a show or three, just let Keith Olbermann's Ego know. Of course, The Ego has almost every single second of the The Ego's oh-so-fabulous career documented and preserved for posterity. The Ego knows that one day this library will serve as a guidepost and a roadmap for aspiring journalists everywhere as of course, Keith Olbermann is the greatest journalist who has ever lived or who will ever live. That's why The Ego gets paid the big bucks.

The Ego bids you all sweet adieu til our paths cross again (after the holidays) and leaves you with this musical selection from my Ipod as an early Christmas present:


marinara said...

I do miss you, Keefy, and you better give something nice to Katie for Christmas, after all she's done for your ego!

marinara said...

Merry Christmas, Keith's Ego.

I still love you, though I'm not sure why. I must be demented. But I'm happy. That's the important thing.

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

Katy has done nothing in particular for The Ego except to allow it to boast about the AGE of the woman who shares my Park Avenue digs. It is she who should be giving The Ego nice gifts in turn for the free rent and the eternal gift of living with the greatness that is moi. That's french you know.

And of course you love The Ego Marinara. As you should.