Saturday, December 27, 2008

Head Clown in the Circus

The AP hasn't had a good year. Their political and tv writers are idiots who don't get the greatness that is Keith Olbermann's Ego but they called it right in this profile of my ole' high school non-chum and later ESPN co-worker, Chris Berman. The fat idiot is so dumb he couldn't figure out how to get out of ESPN like most of the rest of us talented ones did. Let's face it, the greatest days of ESPN were when The Ego and his butt boy Dan Patrick ruled SportsCenter. It's been in decline since the day The Ego left.
"He could have become the sage voice at ESPN by now, a voice of maturity, credibility and wisdom," New York Post columnist Phil Mushnick said. "Instead, he's the voice that does the imitation of Chris Berman. He's the head clown in the circus over there."
Love it. Although I think it's safer to say that Berman is the circus and ESPN are the clowns. Those guys never got the greatness that is The Ego either.


Anonymous said...

In 10 years, KO will say the same crap about MSNBc that he says about ESPN now.

KT said...

As much as KO annoys me, Berman annoys even more.

marinara said...

But he won't say the same crap about Dan Patrick that he now says about Chris Berman. Dan is his only friend, and he won't burn his one and only truly loyal friend, would you, Keith's Ego?

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

You know this friends crap with Dan is way overblown. We don't eat out together. We don't socialize together. We never have. We never will. Dan you see is just an ex-job who happened to learn how to be a good broadcaster because he had the greatness that is Keith Olbermann's Ego tutoring him, you know, kinda like I tried to do with ole' Katy (and boy is she getting on up their in age. Note to self: send out job app for new girlfriend position). Notice who is first-billed with that whole football thing. It is the Ego, not DP. Nor will it ever be so. He's just another hanger-on but one who amuses me, sometimes. Don't confuse the two with friendship alright? Never did particularly like the way he addressed me on his little radio program by the way. Not nearly enough respect or ass-kissing for my liking (and I like a lot of ass-kissing so long as the ass being kissed is my own).