Friday, December 19, 2008

Tommy Lee, Pam Anderson, Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick?

The Sporting News claims that Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann had one of the greatest "bromances" in sports. True that. But the comparison to Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson?
Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick. The Tommy Lee and Pamala Anderson of bromances, their brotherhood blossomed on the set of SportsCenter in the mid-90s. The two even co-authored a book called “The Big Show,” the catch-phrase they shared on screen to describe ESPN’s hallmark program. But it didn’t last. The bromance fizzled when Keith left in ’97. Later, Dan would move on to SI. But now the two have been reunited once more to rekindle the bromance on NBC’s “Football Night in America.” Like Pam and Tommy, this second go around likely won’t last either. At least they’ll always have “en fuego.”
Well if they say so. But Keith Olbermann's Ego totally gets to be Tommy Lee if you know what the Ego is trying to say.


ROFLMAO said...

The joke is just too easy to make. Yes Keith and Tommy Lee do indeed have something in common. Both are big dicks.

Anonymous said...

Keith would love Pam Anderson-she's just his type.