Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back to Keith Olbermann's Ego

The Ego takes a couple of days off to enjoy a little R&R and what happens? Katy Tur's Ego seizes control of this blog. No one cares about your summer vacation job Katy. This blog is about Keith Olbermann's Ego, not Katy Tur's.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, Hannity is a big ole' fraidy cat. Here kitty kitty kitty. "
I don't know how Hannity is rationalizing this, but externally, his inability to live up to his promise pretty much speaks for itself," Olbermann told The Associated Press on Wednesday. "Plus, he is now less informed on the subject of waterboarding than is Erich `Mancow' Muller."
Keith Olbermann's Ego was against waterboarding before he was for it (but only for right-wing assholes idiots.

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