Monday, April 12, 2010

What's the point really?

Over the weekend Keith Olbermann's Ego has been doing a lot of thinking. In fact, the greatness that is Keith Olbermann's Ego is thinking of giving up this blog.

Really, what's the point when Keith Olbermann's real Ego is on full display for the World to see over on Twitter?

The real Ego seems to be having a grand old time. And why wouldn't The Ego be happy? Look at all that fawning by fan girls (including the old, ugly ones), political nerds, fellow celebs, and other devotees and admirers. And by now, you all know that there's nothing that the Ego loves more than fawning. Lots and Lots of fawning. The more, the better. Particularly when they are from attractive, young, and willing females. Why The Ego even likes attention from his exes.

So this Ego is really pondering the need to continue on with this Blog in light of the real Keith Olbermann's Ego's newfound embrace of all things Twitter and of course Ego. And hot chicks. Lots of hot chicks.


LK said...

I'm sure that Twitter page will excite his fans, get him a few dates, and may even increase his ratings but it's really sad and kind of icky to see all that emotional neediness on display like that.

bunny said...

I would hate to see this end. It is both amusing and insightful.

Anonymous said...

Most celebs are emotionally needy.

LK said...

Ratings must be worse than I thought: he's promising to feature a "tweet of the day" from one of his followers.

LK said...

Would the Ego like a little hug? We still love you too.

marinara said...

Great idea, Ego. Get all the females fighting with each other over you, and show your favor to one lucky girlfan by posting the wittiest, cutest tweet from one every day.

You go, you chick magnet!