Monday, January 26, 2009

Forbes Weak Attempt at Humor

Keith Olbermann's Ego however is not amused. A list of the most influential liberals and moi is not included? This was a joke, right?

Michael Pollan? Kevin Drum? Who the hell is ever heard of some of these people.

Chris Matthews? Chris "I ramble incoherently" Matthews? They gotta be f'ing kidding me. Rachel Maddow--she is my protege. So do I get any credit for that? Not from Forbes I don't. Idiots. I demand to know where Keith Olbermann's EGO is at on that list. I demand a recount immediately. (Note to self: Put this on the list of possible Special Comment topics).

Hat tip to Jan for bringing this atrocity to The Ego's attention".


LK said...

It's pretty bad when Chris makes a list but KO doesn't. I can't imagine he's happy about his exclusion.

marinara said...

Definitely a snub by Forbes. Never forget that Keith. You'll have a chance to get them back for it someday.