Friday, January 9, 2009

Herman Munster?

Jon Stewart no longer amuses Keith Olbermann's Ego. And it's obvious that he's not only painfully unfunny, he's also in some dire need of glasses. Why? Because he compared Rachel Maddow to "Marilyn" on the Munsters. You know, the pretty blonde? My point exactly. Anyway, JS went on to say this:
Using "The Munsters" as an analogy, he said: "Here's what I think when I watch MSNBC — you're Marilyn. But everyone else over there is fucking nuts. Now I'm not going to tell you who Herman Munster is, but I will tell you I believe Chris Matthews is the dragon who lives under the stairs."
The Ego is going to pretend he does not resemble that remark in any way, shape, or form and believes instead that Stewart must have been implying that Joe Scarborough is the Herman in our group (even though The Ego is the one with the freakishly huge forehead and is known to be a tall and yes, somewhat clumsy).


flowergirl said...

It would only have to be because of the way he looks and not so much his personality.
Herman Munster was nice. Keith isn't nice.
Herman Munster was a caring and loving individual, Keith is not.
And Herman Munster was true to himself. Keith couldn't begin to know how to do that.

Yeah, I watched the Munsters. LOL.

LK said...

No Keithy, you are Herman in that analogy. Joe Scarborough is far more Eddie Munster than Herman.

marinara said...

If Joe is Eddie, I want to see his daddy slap him around.