Sunday, January 11, 2009

See? I can be nice to people.

Keith Olbermann's Ego is perfectly capable of being nice to people, even women. In this case it was Rachel Maddow.
Keith (Olbermann) showed me how to read the teleprompter. He stayed late one night and walked me through it. I filled in for him a few times, and then I did a stint of eight or nine days. That was it before the show launched.
See there? Keith Olbermann can be unselfish. Yeah yeah yeah, it was all so she could sub for The Ego as the Ego took some much-needed vacay time but at least I cared enough about my vacation audience to make sure that my sub could at least read the teleprompter in my absence. Who says the Ego isn't a giver?


Anonymous said...

Why are you quiet on Israeli violence in Gaza?

Jon Stewart has enough guts to take it on. Why can't you, Keith???

disappointed countdown supporter.

LK said...

The student has now become the teacher. Rachel is getting even better ratings than KO these days. Good for her.

marinara said...

Like I said over at DSKO a couple of weeks ago, Rachel puts the Ego to shame.

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

The Ego is not amused. Lately Rachel's ratings have been better than the Egos. It's bad enough that both BOR and The Ego are getting beat in the time slot by Nancy "There's a Missing Kid" Grace but lately Rachel has been the highest rated thing on MSNBC. The Ego hates it when that happens.