Friday, January 30, 2009

Putting the "Super" in "Super Bowl"

You know what makes the Super Bowl so great? Yeah baby, you got it. Keith Olbermann's big fat ego. And the other guy? He's what you call a "supporting cast member". Sunday, NBC, all-f'ing day: be there to witness the Ego's greatness. And oh yeah, there's some kind of sporting event being held that day too.


Jan said...

You think the LA Daily News media critic saw your "gut" picture Mr. O's Ego? Ouch:

"But it's the crew for NBC, which is also doing the game, that we wonder most about, why it hasn't collapsed under its own weight by now. It's a lap-band procedure away from imploding."

Anonymous said...

It looks like Keith has been having some super-sized bowls of something to get that pregnant belly.

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

Look people, the Ego needs a LOT of room. Of course the Body has to make some more room to help accommodate the massive girth of The Ego.

marinara said...

Who is the Ego voting for to win?

Go Cardinals!