Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Now back to more Me.

You all know that Keith Olbermann's Ego loves Keith Olbermann above and beyond anything else. Except maybe for the Yankess and baseball card collecting. Anywho, last night the Ego put his two finger-typing skills to work to produce another brilliant Special Comment, delivered to absolute perfection on last night's Countdown. Watch it. Again and Again. Marvel at just how damn good The Ego is. Then go post the love and adoration at Kos. Because there is absolutely nothing that the Ego loves more than that. That and acclaim. And lots of it.


LK said...

Not even your ego could possibly upstage Obama. But someone should investigate the war crimes of Bush-Cheney.

marinara said...

Don't ever do one of those in front of a live audience again, Keith. Those bastards were drowning out the Ego, diluting its effectiveness.

Plus, you stuttered a lot.