Saturday, January 24, 2009

What Keith Olbermann's Ego does in His spare time

I know you are all interested in what The Ego does in His spare time. And no, it's not just admire The Greatness that is Kieth Olbermann's Ego. The Ego also has to work, waht with this economy the way that it is and with The Girlfriend constantly snapping up new Marc Jacobs bags and other designer finery, The Ego has had to consider a third job. It's not enough that Keith Olbermann's Ego hosts a nightly show on MSNBC and serves as a NBC Football analyst. The Ego also has to do this:
Yes, that's right. The Ego sells baseball memorabilia in His spare time.


Anonymous said...

Is that Keith's illegitimate, nerdy son in the photo with him? Gawd, it looks like a geek contest up in there.

Jan said...

This site is a hoot! Hey, Mr. O's Ego, you ain't gonna like this; but you did NOT make Forbes most influential Liberals...Ouch! Rachel Maddow came in 7th! (I love Ms. Maddow--thanks for getting her the MSNBC gig!) Even Chris Matthews made the list! Maybe this is a good thing, it helps you with that whole "unbiased-journalist-street-cred-thing" HA!
Here's the link: