Thursday, January 8, 2009

Keith Olbermann is Evil.

Keith Olbermann is Evil. So says Sarah Palin. Sarah who? Oh yeah. THAT Sarah Palin. The one who got her butt beat in the 2008 presidential election and was who was sent home packing to Alaska with her newly purchased designer wardrobe. Anyway, seems Sarah P has a lot of time to vent these days and who should she vent at? The genius that is Keith Olbermann's Gigantic Ego. Here, let the great (but not as great as Keith Olbermann is) Think Progress lay out it for you:
Right-winger John Ziegler — who is waging a one-man crusade to prove that President-elect Obama won the election solely because of “media bias” — recently interviewed Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK). In a gushing description published on a new website devoted to making Hollywood more conservative, Ziegler details Palin’s reaction to seeing a photo of MSNBC host Keith Olbermann: W]hen she looked at the back cover of my first film…and saw the photo of one of the film’s targets, Keith Olbermann, she literally let out a shriek and, pointing to his photograph, declared, “THAT guy is EVIL!” Ziegler wrote that, after the interview, “I know, with moral certitude, that the media assassination of [Palin], her character and family, was one of the greatest public injustices of our time.”
Media assassination? Did this Ziegler guy check out the way that Palin tried to assassinate the English language?


Anonymous said...

This comment is not relevant to the post. But I'm aghast at MSNBC's coverage of Gaza. Guess, lives of Palestinians don't count; just like the lives of Iraqis.

And for this reason, I'm boycotting Rachel Maddow.

Anonymous said...

Funny she talks about blogs being "teh cancer of the inernetz" and that only "serious and mainstreamed" media should be used; And then turns around and takes an interview with Ziegler. To top it all off, she does it on via the feed directly from his website.

Talk about hypocritical. Your complaining about how everyone is getting half baked information from blogs on the internet and then you turn around and basically imply your support for a blogger. I mean, if blogs are so bad, I guess there's no reason he should be listened to either, or let alone the interview.

flowergirl said...

For the first time I actually agree with Sarah Palin.

marinara said...

Sarah Palin has no idea what she's talking about. I missed whatever it is you're complaining about Rachel doing, but she is Jewish, ya know. That may have something to do with her non-existent coverage of the worst humanitarian disaster since Katrina.

The lack of coverage by the MSM on this issue helps to cover up what the Israelis are doing. MSNBC is not the only network who is doing this. They are all covering for the Israelis, one way or the other.