Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How to turn an article not about you into being about you

Keith Olbermann's Ego has never, ever been shy about admitting it's all about The Ego. And Keith Olbermann's Ego never, ever turns down the opportunity to promote itself when given the opportunity. Take this weekend for example. Paul Harvey, who was like a 103 finally kicked the bucket. So when contacted by Aaron Barnhart about Paul Harvey's death what did the Ego do? Turn it around so that it was all about Keith Olbermann. Barnhart "immediately" emailed The Ego when he learned of Paul Harvey's death. (Why? Because The Ego Is the Ego, duh). And this bit of genius was The Ego's reply:
"I was his official fill-in from 2001-03 and I was overwhelmed by the thought that went in to the selection and flow of stories. Even when he was off, his rules were in place: each segment began with hard news, moved on to commentary, ended with celebrity and then something light or silly. Then a commercial. Then repeat. Then another commercial, etc. "I stole it almost entirely for 'Countdown.'"
See kids? That's how it's done. Begin with "I" and end as closely as possible with "I" again, filled in-between and ending with as many possible promotions as possible. Look, Paul Harvey is dead. Can't say or do anything for him at this point, might as well promote oneself (or more precisely, one's Ego) right?


Anonymous said...

At least he gave him credit for creating the format that he stole for CD.

marinara said...

But you never mentioned him on your show, Keith. After all he's done for you! Shameful behavior by the ego.