Friday, March 6, 2009

Keith Olbermann has an Ivy League Degree

See? Right there it has Keith Olbermann's name on it and it says C-O-R-N-E-L-L.
And this is why Ann Coulter is a WPITW pick:

Ann Coulter can kiss Keith Olbermann's ass.So can Gawker.
Meanwhile, Rhodes Scholar Rachel Maddow did an hour of news and analysis and opinion and interviews on current events, politics, and foreign affairs.
Stick to your day jobs you non-Cornell Ivy League graduates. Being a smart-ass is Keith Olbermann's full-time profession.


LK said...

Although now that we know that Keith went to the Old McDonalds (and Hotel Management) Cornell--it's questionable just how "smart" of an ass he really is.

Anonymous said...

That's just pathetic. Of course I've longed believed that anyone who actually framed their degree and hung it on a wall was pathetic to begin with. Insecure much?

Snobby much? said...

Some of us worked very hard to get our degrees. What's wrong with showing them off?

marinara said...

I have updated my Wikiality page to document this new information.