Friday, March 27, 2009

Twit, Twitter, Twittiest?

As you know, Keith Olbermann is a very busy man. He has a blog called Baseball Nerd. His Ego has a blog. His Libido would probably have a blog too but chasing after 20-somethings doesn't leave much time to do much else. What Keith Olbermann does not have time for is Twitter. It's been named "WPITW" even though it's not a person. Here MediaBistro breaks it all down for you, because you know, The Ego is busy and doesn't have time to twit or twitter because it's simply too twittish.

1 comment:

marinara said...

You'd better chew Griffin's ass for letting this happen, Keith. He made you look like an uninformed fool, like--BillO! The Ego cannot look in any way, shape, or form like BillO!

First thing is to tell your idiot staff to stop updating the thing. Totally abandon it, like the Newshole.