Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who is the best replacement for Keith Olbermann at 10PM?

Why Keith Olbermann's Ego of course.
MSNBC will continue airing Keith Olbermann's talk show twice each weeknight in prime time, putting on indefinite hold a search for a new 10 p.m. program.
How could they possibly improve on perfection?

See, Keith Olbermann's bitch (aka Phil Griffin) agrees with The Ego:
MSNBC may give up entirely on the idea of putting a new live show in that time slot, Griffin said. "We're not going to mess with it until we see where it levels off," he said. "It places the burden, if we are going to put a show there, (for it) to be a big show because the repeat of `Countdown' is doing so well."
And that my friends, is exactly as The Ego wants it. And so it is. As it should be.

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