Thursday, June 25, 2009

Congratulations to Joe Scarborough!

In a rare moment of honesty this morning, Joe Scarborough revealed that he is a hypocrite. I mean who else could he have possibly been talking about when he uttered this on "Morning Joe" (brought to you by Starbucks Coffee)?
JOE SCARBOROUGH: Obviously [Sanford] needs to be judged in the toughest sense politically, but personally, I'll just be blunt, I was embarrassed by certain cable news hosts last night, some on this network, that took, and the only expression you can really use is "unbridled glee" in this man's problem and the pain of his wife, the pain of his children. During the John Edwards situation and others, I never really understood the kind of glee that people took last night. It happens on the left, it happens on the right. And some of these people judging last night, you know, you could call them the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker of cable news. I would not be making judgments were I these people.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe he was talking about Chris Matthews? Matthews is married. Don't know about Ed Schultz. Rachel isn't married and neither is Keith but they both live with someone.