Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You might be obsessed with Keith Olbermann's Ego.......

How to tell you might be obsessed with Keith Olbermann:

1. You regularly watch Yankees Games AND:

a) You watch the Yankees Games in hopes that you might catch a glimpse of The Ego living large in the Legends seating area
b) You know exactly where his seats are at
c) You record all the games and watch them back in slow mo just to make sure you didn't miss a glimpse of Keith
d) You had absolutely zero interest in baseball before you became a KO fan
e) You're now a regular poster at the Baseball Nerd and can recite league standings and bullshit hold forth on inside baseball topics that would bore even Keith Olbermann

2. You watch Countdown every night AND

a) You watch both the first air of Countdown and the replay
b) You record every episode of Countdown
c) You watch them back the next day even if you saw both eps the night before
d) You pleasure yourself while watching the show

3. You know Keith Olbermann lives in NYC AND

a) You know the building name and address
b) You know the apartment #
c) You know the purchase price
d) You downloaded photos of the place and a copy of the floorplan from the realtor's webpage
d) You downloaded PDF copies of info about his apartment(s) from the NYC property database
e) You can also recite his last three addresses--by heart

But you might actually BE Keith Olbermann if you troll the internet night and day looking for mention of your name


flowergirl said...

Hehe. I use to do some of those things, but now, not so much.

I watch Countdown twice a week. I don't give a damn about baseball. And I sure as hell don't care where he lives.
Although, it would be interesting to find out who he bought that other apartment for.
Otherwise, Keith is a joke. But we need him to maintain that biased attitude, even though he won't admit it.

Anonymous said...

You might be obsessed if you go batshit when your DVR fails to record a single episode of Countdown or a Yanks game.

marinara said...

Everything under #1 isn't me. I hate baseball.

#2 doesn't have anything to do with me either. I only watch 2-3 times a week.

#3, I'll admit to a, b, and c.

If anyone actually does all of these things, they need to see a psychiatrist.

Marcia x3 said...

What does it say about me that I read Keith Olbermann blogs but don't really watch Countdown anymore...I think these blogs, the wingnut commenters, Keith's nutty responses to every little "slight" and best of all; his nutty obessed fans (I'm taking 'bout you flowergirl, writer of THE most batshit nutty KO blog on the 'nets)! I love it all, the sideshow is way more entertaining than the real show.

flowergirl said...

Thank you Marcia. :-)
My blog is designed specifically to be batshit nutty.
I don't care to be professional about it...just like Keith doesn't take his job seriously enough to keep himself out of damn near every story.
I like him, and I'm glad you called me a fan, but he's a nutcase and what better way to talk about a nutcase than to act like one yourself.
But it's getting increasingly more difficult because I'm starting to lose interest in him and the show.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fascist Ego. Going to censor this too? It's going to suck for your sinking Mutthatten outershell when the Karma Bites e-mail's start getting posted again. You remember her Merlo Boy. BTW, can you possibly let that outer shell get any more neck roll's? Mutthatten is sinking alright but not from that phoney global warming crap but from your fata@@ outer shell. If I were you Ego I would merge with your girlfriend Barney Franks Ego and merge into one giant sex with boys Perez Hilton Ego. Your outer shell knows all about under age sex like your girlfriend Barney Franks.

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

And my personal favorite, you might be obsessed with Keith Olbermann's Ego when you write rambling, incoherent emails to websites that you THINK are really Keith Olbermann's Ego.