Friday, June 26, 2009

Right wingers are mounting attacks on Keith Olbermann at Daily Kos

It's true. Because Keith Olbermann sez so right here. The right-wing are disguising themselves as liberals to post on Daily Kos and criticze the greatness that is Keith Olbermann's Ego.
There's nothing better for the lunatic fringe when a Mark Sanford hits an iceberg, than to throw up some phony Liberal-on-Liberal-Violence sabotage chaff in front of the torpedos headed towards a Republican-In-Crisis.
How dare the try to make Mark Sanford's affair Keith Olbermann's fault! And on Daily Kos of all places? Don't they know that Daily Kos is the approved conduit for all fan worship of the greatness that is Keith Olbermann?
I preface this by saying, got a complaint about me, go ahead. Diarize, comment, whatever (actually those first two are your only choices - there is no 'whatever').
See? Keith Olbermann lays it all out for you right there. Comment or write a diary about him but just don't ignore him. The Ego you know, needs a lot of love.
Again, no request for amnesty, agreement, criticism-free zones, or universal love is implied here.
That's right. Keith Olbermann's Ego isn't requesting. He's issuing an edict. And Keith Olbermann's Ego must always, always be obeyed, especially at Daily Kos.


Anonymous said...

What's interesting is that quite a few people over there have had a bit to say about the show. Seems that they've grown weary of his obsession with O'Reilly and Limbaugh and Fox and his own self-absorption. Still more found it ironic that the man who gave us Michael Jackson Puppet theater was anchoring coverage of MJ's death.

Lk said...

I loved the plea he made on Kos the other day that people needed to watch b/c if his ratings went down they'd replace him with a conservative.

Marcia x3 said...

KO looked like some lame Cronkite wanna-be with a vest on and his suit jacket off during the MJ coverage. Dude, it wasn't breaking news, TMZ broke the story about an hour or more before the networks/cablers. I think you have time to put your jacket on---David Schuster managed just fine. Douche.

marinara said...

It'll be ok, Keith's Ego, just keep reminding all your fanbots of step 2.

"Step 2: Lots of defense of your undersigned diarist (thank ye).

What do you mean by "How To Play This Site Like A Three Dollar Banjo"? That any diary scolding you will get noticed and commented on by you? I think it's you who is getting played, because you fall for this ploy every time.

Oh, btw KOE, there is a newly registered user with the name "Keith Olbermann Sucks Ass". You should have Markos ban him right away. It's upsetting to your loyal fans when searching for your user name to have those two come up.

Remember when Kos used to be good? said...

So basically what he's saying here is that all criticism of him on Kos should be shot down immediately because it absolutely has to be a right-wing infiltrator? I think that's called censorship and it's the same sort of same-think that the right-wing is infamous for. Except in this case he wants it from Kos. Sadly he'll probably get exactly that because there are a lot of people there all too eager to kiss his ass.