Friday, June 19, 2009

Et tu Daily Kos?

Keith Olbermann's Ego is just going to ignore this.
I can predict almost exactly what I will hear Keith yelling and grumbling about until ... the MSNBC stage is mercifully ceded to the incomparable Rachel Maddow....Item #5 will always be on the biggest news item of the day: makes sense, no arguments there. But it goes downhill from there. Item #4 will be about the latest baseless talking-point turd laid by Dick Cheney, Dick Cheney's irrelevant daughter, or some other cranky obsolete conservative on Fox or one of the Sunday morning talk shows. An "expert" will come on and fervently agree with Keith that this cranky obsolete conservative is an asshole and should go to hell. Then comes Oddball, which is sometimes funny and other times just, well, odd (there's truth in advertising there, at least). Items #3 and #2 will be pretty much repeats of Item #4, with the names of the cranky conservative and the baseless talking point changed (a different "expert" will also be used, to make it clear that, yes, lots of people think these cranky conservatives are assholes and should go to hell). Finally, there's item #1, which in recent weeks has often been the "WTF Moment", which usually highlights -- you guessed it! -- the latest baseless political turd laid by a cranky obsolete conservative.
However Keith Olbermann's Ego would really appreciate it if you'd take a stroll over to Daily Kos and kick that stupid poll this idiot has posted over there. No Keith Olbermann has NOT lost it. Also, feel free to post undying praise and devotion to The Ego. You know how important that is to Keith Olbermann's Ego.


marinara said...

I voted, Keith's Ego. But I won't tell you how I voted.

Marcia x3 said...

Excuse me Ego, but did you really think your namesake would ignore this? Read on:

"...Death threats are up, not down. Corporate pressure is up, not down.

If you actually want this show to be better, kindly stop throwing rocks. They are picked up by people who'd be delighted to give the hour to Rick Santelli. And I wish you the very best of luck if that happens."

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

Being the Ego is a full time job Marcia. It involves a lot of time spent scouring the internets to see what is written about Keith Olbermann. You didn't think The Ego would allow criticism of himself to go unchecked did you? And at Daily Kos? That is just wrong on so many different levels. Personally The Ego believes that anyone voicing any objection to him should be banned from Daily Kos forever.

marinara said...

Keith's ego may have ignored this diary, but Keith didn't.

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

Of course Keith Olbermann's Other Ego had to respond to this diary at Kos. I mean come on, Daily Kos is THE approved conduit for all show-related fan worship. And occasionally the Ego graces them with a comment or two which always serves to send a thrill up to the oh-so-grateful fans over there. and if they aren't a fan? They shouldn't be posting at Kos to begin with.