Thursday, June 18, 2009

This Woman Thinks She's a Big Fan of Keith Olbermann's?

So this chick Cynthia Boaz, thinks she's a big fan of Keith Olbermann? Keith Olbermann's Ego begs to differ.
Although it has been several weeks since Keith Olbermann has used his MSNBC show as a platform to call for the public water boarding of fellow commentator Sean Hannity of the Fox News Channel, my concerns about Olbermann's former campaign have not diminished, and this pains me because I'm a big fan of his. But in the interest of media accountability, someone needs to point out to Olbermann that on this issue, he has been nearly as exploitative and irresponsible as his colleague on the right.
It pains her? Not nearly so much as it pains The Ego as having to read her drivel which actually dares to question the wisdom and genius that is Keith Olbermann's Ego. If this chick was as "big of a fan" as she claims to be she would know that Rule #1 of being a fan of Keith Olbermann's Ego is that a true Keith Olbermann fan never, ever, ever dares question his judgement or actions, no matter what.
Olbermann's hypocrisy on the issue of torture confounds me. By calling-pushing, even-for the water boarding of his rival talk-show host Sean Hannity (who, in a moment of exceptional foolishness volunteered to be water boarded in order to demonstrate that it's "not that bad"), Olbermann gave away the moral high ground on this issue, undermined his otherwise unassailable argument against torture, and trivialized the very thing he wants us all to take so seriously. I would go so far as to say he's "normalized" it, if the ability of Olbermann supporters to twist themselves into logical and moral knots in defense of his campaign is any indication.
Of course I want them to twist themselves into logical and moral knots in defending The Ego. That's what my fans are there for: to date defend The Ego. That's Rule #2 for all fans of Keith Olbermann's Ego: defend the Ego no matter what.
While the outward message on Olbermann's part is "torture is never acceptable", the meta-message is "torture is never acceptable, except when I say so (or when I say it's not really torture)." It's a slippery slope.
Psst: Cynthia: Check out Rule #1 for being a Keith Olbermann fan. Anyway, she blathers on and on and on about Martin Luther King and Hannity (whoever thought The Ego would use those two names in the same sentence?) and ratings and who knows what else. Quite frankly The Ego grew very bored with Ms. Boaz's boring diatribe. Something about her expecting more from The Ego etc. etc. etc. Quite frankly Ms. Boaz Keith Olbermann's Ego expects much much more from his fans and would appreciate it if Ms. Boaz would do a careful review of the Rules for Keith Olberamnn fans and adhere to them from this point in time on. Now fans what is rule #3? That's right. Rule #3 is make your support for The Ego evident by posting diatribes against Ms. Boaz at Huffington Post and then proceed to either Daily Kos or your nearest blog or website to express your undying devotion and support of the Ego no matter what. As it should be.

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Anonymous said...

She made the mistake of thinking Olbermann actually cares about these issues. What he really cares about are his ratings.