Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ben Affleck is a Genius

So now that Obama has won and the democracy has been saved, in no small part thanks to me, Keith Olbermann's Ego, let's go back to discussing some really important subjects okay? Like, you know, me. Me. Me. Me.
Ben Affleck is a genius. Sure he's got an Oscar and all of that but that's not why he's a genius. He's a genius because he recognizes that I, Keith Olbermann's Ego is a genius. And anyone who gets my genius is a genius in my book. Just not as smart of a genius as I am.


marinara said...

Keith, you just don't get it that it's rude to be typing while supposedly 'listening' to a guest you're interviewing, do you? Howard Fineman didn't appear to notice, but we did!

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

Look, Keith Olbermann's Ego is very important and very busy. Multi-tasking is very important. There are people I have to correspond with (like super hot & young female fans). And there's bidding on Ebay and blogging on Kos dammit. When do you expect me to do these things if I don't do them on air?