Sunday, November 2, 2008

For the Record, Keith Olbermann does not live with his mother

Keith Olbermann's Ego lives with a girl half his age. More than half his age actually. Other than that, Ben Affleck captured the genius and the passion and the outrage that is Keith Olbermann's Ego.


LK said...

I don't see Keith as a pet person. He is his favorite pet.

Anonymous said...

what's with all the narcissism, dude? i watch your show regularly and am a huge fan. but learn to take a joke? why spend so much time discussing snl on your show?!

great work and hope we all are happy tomorrow.

marinara said...

If he didn't discuss SNL, it would look like he was upset with what they had done. He couldn't just not talk about it.

Have they ever taken a poke at Billo? Because if they haven't, it's his turn. Then we'll see if Billo talks about it on his own show. But whether he did or didn't, Keith would be right there, teasing his ass.