Thursday, November 13, 2008

It is not possible to sum up Keith Olbermann in 60 Seconds.

But somehow, Huffington Post's 23/6 has tried. Or as Jossip puts it:
It just encompasses every trope in Olbermann's playbook, which is a) Calling people fascists; b) Disdainfully calling people "sir"; c) Being super incredulous; Did I get them all? Wouldn't want to miss one of his other emotions besides ironic smugness and constipation that allowed him to get that huge re-up on MSNBC.


marinara said...

I loved that clip. I'm going to save it forever. You seemed a tad bit embarrassed about it, Keith.

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

Look, this is a win-win for me. They know who I am! It's publicity! Free publicity! Okay so it's a little less-than-flattering and we all know that the Ego loves FAWNING (and lots of it) but at least it's all about me and that's the way The Ego loves it.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. And boy have you aged and gotten fat in the past 2 years.