Monday, November 24, 2008

Keith Olbermann in Martha Stewart's Kitchen

Behold: Keith Olbermann's Ego in the Kitchen with Martha Stewart. Doesn't The Ego look comfy and cozy in that sweater? Why the Ego looks almost.......dare we say it? Domestic. As George W. Bush would say, "Mission Accomplished". Don't you love how Keith Olbermann's Ego was able to subtly work in those references of domestic harmony and bliss with The Girlfriend? The girlfriend cooking Thanksgiving dinner, the vacations at the almost makes the Ego sound human doesn't it? It's so great it deserves two whole segments. And just observe how much Martha Stewart loves Keith Olbermann's Ego, even if she did have Rachel on her show before The Ego. The Ego will overlook that mistake because Martha Stewart gives The Ego what it loves the most: free publicity and adoration. As it should be.


marinara said...

Keith, you're so cute with your hair a little mussed. I really wanted to see you and Martha eat that pie together, why didn't you try some?

That was kind of embarrassing, watching you in that kitchen. I am glad, though, that you didn't try to pretend like you knew what you were doing.

Take cooking lessons. It couldn't hurt.

LK said...

Thank God he didn't show us pics from his deserted island vacay. No one wants to see that in a swimsuit.

Anonymous said...

Does The Girlfriend have a name? He never calls her by her name. Does he not remember her name?

Pants On fire said...

He was all thumbs in the kitchen wasn't he? I didn't find him to be cute or amusing and he was caught in a lie regarding the Palin video. He claimed that night on CD that he'd never seen it.