Saturday, November 29, 2008

Keith Olbermann's got Women Problems

At least according to Aaron Barnhart.
Keith Olbermann has signed a new contract with MSNBC . . . .and apparently there is a. . clause in there that calls for KO to improve his relationship with female viewers, now that Rachel Maddow is proving to be as big a draw some nights as "Countdown" is. Or at least, that's my pop explanation for KO's appearance today on "The View."
Women trouble? Keith Olbermann has problems with women? Keith Olbermann has never, ever had a problem with women. Please, who put Rachel Maddow on the air to begin with? No, not Tucker Carlson you dumbass, it was the genius of Keith Olbermann that first put Rachel on the air (and don't ever mention Tucker Carlson to me again, got it?). But Aaron insists that was the real reason The Ego went on Martha Stewart's show too.
it appears MSNBC and its number one talent, Keith Olbermann, have decided he has a woman problem. Appearing on "The View" was just the start -- this week, he made a triple-chocolate pumpkin pie with Martha Stewart. Next week, I understand Carson Kressley is going to show him just how beautiful he looks in the buff!
Keith Olbermann's Ego would never appear in the buff anywhere near Carson Kressley although that would kill two birds with one stone so to speak, increasing The Ego's demos with both women and the gays. Hmmmm. (Note to self: Suggest this idea to MSNBC PR department if they can stop booking Rachel Maddow interviews long enough to pay attention to THE real talent on MSKONBC).
Tellingly, KO has used segments of "Countdown" to play back highlights of both appearances, and while KO contributes the requisite amount of eye-rolling at what a dork he is on these programs, even this gesture serves to underscore the larger point: KO is strong enough to be a man even on a show that's made for a woman.
How dare Barnhart suggest that the genius and great talent that is Keith Olbermann's Ego would ever pander to a particular audience to increase his ratings!
And because "The View" and "Martha Stewart Living" are aimed at women (certainly much more than "Countdown" is aimed at men), they're a great way to pick up chicks.
Bingo! The Girlfriend is beginning to age out of The Ego's dating demo (18-25). Got to look for new blood to replace the old after all and what better place to throw out the proverbial net than tv? After all, it's worked for Keith Olbermann's Ego thus far.


LK said...

Duh. Of course he's going on these shows to boost his ratings and try and overcome the whole misogyny thing. The problem is that once you've gone on record with slams against women it's a little hard to rewrite history.

flowergirl said...

Yeah, it's funny that he's trying to change his image. But what's even funnier is his obsession with Sarah Palin.
Female. Bashing. It goes hand in hand with him.
I think starting with ignoring her would be the best first move. That is, if he wants to be taken seriously.
Doing The View and The Martha Stewart Show didn't work.

Keith Olbermann's Ego said...

But Sarah Palin doesn't count! She's a Republican. So The Ego can say anything he likes about any Republican woman and it's okay. Didn't you get the memo Flowergirl?

flowergirl said...

Oh, I forgot. My bad. LOL.

marinara said...

I knew it! I had the Ego pegged on Flowegirl's blog. He's trying to rehab his image because he has to. Ratings, and all, ya know.