Thursday, November 20, 2008

Keith Olbermann's Ego did not break up with this woman.

Keith Olbermann's ego would actually have to KNOW this woman first. And based upon what they taught The Ego at his fancy, exclusive prep school and Ivy League university, The Ego is equally certain that it is genetically impossible for him to have fathered the child depicted in this photo. Besides, The Ego would never, ever deign to go to Alaska--at least not until they got a major league baseball team and even then, no. Honestly, is there any compelling reason whatsoever why Keith Olbermann's Ego should even care about Alaska? It may be a part of the United States, and there may be viewers there but honestly, the only two cities that really matter are Los Angeles and New York City. Better luck with Bill Maher Alaska woman I don't even know (and definitely did not have an Eskimo child with).


flowergirl said...

If she knows what's good for her she'll run like hell.

Anonymous said...

She really wouldn't have to run. Given his size and lack of athletic ability, she could maintain a sedate pace and still outrun him.

flowergirl said...

LOL. You're right.